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Meditation for Self Care

Meditation is not the same as vegetation. Meditation can be a powerful tool to manifest great change in your life.

Your physical circumstances are the end result of what is held in your mind. If you do not like where you are, then change your thinking. To do this, you simply realize that the mind's "language" is pictorial (just like your dreams). Using simple imagery, Douglas guides you on an exciting inner journey to tap into the power within and expand your mind-body to effect great change in your life.

Each self-care meditation contains easy, step-by-step instruction in breathing and visualization. They may be done by anyone, regardless of ability or prior experience with meditation. These stand-alone meditations each address a different concern or topic, ranging from the physical aspects to the mental-emotional, and spiritual aspects. These are available as audio recordings that you can playback at your leisure on your favourite device, from the comfort of your home.

Take charge of your life! With these simple yet powerful meditations, you will empower yourself to live the kind of life you deserve. There is no condition or circumstance that will hold you back, when you use these self-care meditations. The power lives within you!

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