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Common Questions About the Quantum Field

Q. Where/what is the Quantum Field?

Although the Quantum Field (also called the Akashic Field or Akashic Records) is often described metaphorically as a library or monument containing all knowledge, we know that it is not really something that exists in a single specified place. The Field is contained in the energy vibrations of the universe. It is within and around us. 

Q. What historical reference is there to the Field?

Many historical religions and societies make reference to records of higher knowledge which could be accessed for guidance. The most well-studied of these accounts include those of the Judeo-Christians (“The Book of Life”) and the Egyptians (“The Hall of Two Truths”), but there are also similar tales originating from sources as far apart as the Native Americans and the Greeks. 

Q. How can the Field be accessed?

Although accounts differ, the Field is usually accessed by entering an altered state of mind:

  • Clairvoyants such as Douglas Cottrell and Edgar Cayce fall into a ‘sleeping trance’ in order to access the records.
  • The Mayans would smoke special tobacco and go into trances where they ‘walked among the stars.’
  • In Yogic traditions, the state of consciousness referred to as ‘samadhi’ is a meditative absorption or trance, attained by the practice of dhyana.
  • In the Old Testament, people were ‘taken up in spirit’ to receive instruction from Yahweh.

Douglas teaches that the universal consciousness can be accessed through the practice of Quantum Meditation™. This practice works by suppressing the conscious mind—the rational or ‘personality mind’ which is concerned with the material world only—and accessing the contemplative mind—the ‘eternal essence of you’ that is of God and from God. This soul mind is able to communicate with other minds and touch upon the knowledge contained in the Akashic Field. 

Q. What do scientists say about the Field?

Although scientists can neither prove nor disprove the existence the Field, current models of holography, morphic resonance and quantum physics are compatible with theories about the Field, and may prove to be the framework for gaining more understanding of this phenomenon. See works such as The Field by researcher, Lynne McTaggart.

Q. Who can access the Field?

Anyone! Each of us has the potential to access the Quantum Field because each of us is also participating in creating it. According to some, intuition is actually a basic form of contact with the Field.  However, it takes a certain degree of training, skill, and spiritual discernment to successfully develop the ability to read the Field. That doesn’t mean you should give up! There are many ways to develop the skills needed, including the retreat-style course led by Douglas. This course teaches specialized techniques in breathing, focus and relaxation that are needed to quiet the mind. Click here for details.