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“I was asked to review a voice recording of a Health Reading that was performed [by Douglas James Cottrell] via phone in 2019 for a patient of mine, Herbert Weiss, who has been under my care only since June of 2022. I found it quite impressive that the phone Health Reading gave such detailed and accurate clinical insight relative to this patient's actual symptomatic complaints, along with relative objective findings such as body habits, degenerative arthritic spinal segment changes noted on X-ray findings, orthopaedic and range of motion deficits, as well as muscle pains/restrictions. And to think, all of this in the absence of being in the physical presence of this patient to see and measure these physical examination findings. To complement this, the recommendations made to this patient during the Health Reading were all very much of clinical value to target the multiple physical, metabolic and nutritional imbalances. In fact, many of the procedures/modalities used in the treatment of this patient at my office are those recommended by the Reader in this Health Reading, which consist primarily of spinal joint manipulation, therapeutic soft tissue massage/modalities, targeted stretching, postural exercises, etc.”

- Kevin G Miller, D.C., Chiropractic Physician 32 Years Private Family Practice, East Providence, R.I.

“To Whom It May Concern: It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend Mr. Douglas Cottrell most highly. On several occasions during the past 8 years, I have consulted him in matters of personal health, financial matters and job related issues. In all these areas, Mr. Cottrell has given me sound advice and has predicted events with uncanny accuracy. Moreover, I have consulted with him on members of my family and his assessment and solutions to the problems and questions posed have proven to be valuable and indeed exceptionally accurate. I am pleased to recommend him as a sincere, honest, and devoted person who possesses great psychic qualities and capabilities. I have also met professional and business people who have consulted with Douglas Cottrell and all these people hold him in high esteem. Indeed, I believe that I have been privileged in developing a personal friendship with Douglas Cottrell.”

- R. L. Lacroix, C.M.M. C.D. (B.Gen. Ret’d.), Member of the Canadian Aviation Safety Board, Ottawa, Canada

“When I started to practice, one of my early patients had a rather profound case of multiple sclerosis. Where does one start with a disease like this? He had the entire orthodox medical “options,” but he had had a Quantum Meditation (Q.M.) Reading, which gave some additional insights into his condition. These offered a totally different approach to his care, and one that offered a lot more opportunity for improvement via additional alternative treatment, compatible with the orthodox treatment. Since then I’ve sought to recommend Q.M. to patients with complicated and challenging conditions. And, the typical aging patient usually has several coexisting conditions that are often challenging to diagnose with all the interaction of symptoms. A Q.M. session is much, much less expensive than all the medical tests that often ultimately yield little useful information. Example – how do you separate gall bladder disease or stones from cardio issues from stomach ulcers from pulmonary issues from stomach cancer from pancreatitis from a hiatal hernia? Modern medicine will never accept Q.M., but it sure can help when the medical testing offers no clear information. Doug, your work is top notch – I don’t know how to say this in a stronger way!”

- Dr. Russell Schilling, Lakewood, C.O., USA

“Dear Douglas: I am writing you at this time to provide you with an objective evaluation of your abilities and services as you have suggested. This of course will be based upon the 18 trance readings you have done for me over the past 3 years and our numerous discussions covering a wide variety of topics. For those who do not know you I mgiht first comment that I have always found you to be a sincere and trustworthy person with an interest in the well-being of others. As to your ability to seek out information requested while in a trance state, it is quite clear that you have an extraordinary gift in this regard. It would appear to me that on almost any topic – certainly any that I have inquired about – that you have the ability to seek out and integrate large amounts of data and present a synthesis of this to the questioner. Indeed, with the understandable exception of future predictions, I have found the information I have received from you to be highly reliable and on numerous occasions I have been able to independently verify your observations. Your assistance in this regard has proven invaluable to me in my own personal grown and self-understanding, in my extensive research on healing techniques and health problems, and in my understanding of metaphysics and the nature of reality. I might also add that even in the normal waking state, your clairvoyant abilities appear to be considerable and your ability to interpret dreams would certainly surpass the efforts of most psychologists and psychiatrists.”

- Robert McFarland, Ph.D., Psychologist, Toronto Wellness Centre, Toronto, Canada

“I cannot express to you how important the material is to me both as an individual and as a businessman. Anyone wishing to live their lives well and to be a benefit as in my case to their shareholders that fails to use your unique services are foolish to the degree of world class. With my deepest gratitude…”

- Jim Sinclair, Chairman, C.E.O. & Director, Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation

“As editor and publisher of America’s largest circulation New Age magazine, Body Mind & Spirit, I have come in contact with hundreds of very intuitive people, including those considered to be America’s best trance mediums and psychic readers. I have found you to be one of the most objective and accurate intuitives I have met. Your trance style is very much like Edgar Cayce’s, including the ability to “get out of the way” of the information coming through, therefore you “color” it as little as possible while it passes through you to the recipient. You are one of the few intuitives I recommend to others when asked “where can I find a good psychic.” Stay in the light and keep up the fine work.”

- Paul Zuromski, 
Editor and Publisher, Body Mind & Spirit, U.S.A.

“Dear Doug: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the psychic reading that you did for us recently in conjunction with the interview for a proposed article on you and your work in our magazine and for taking time out from your busy schedule. I must say that I was quite impressed with your astonishing accuracy and your uncanny ability to describe events and personalities of people whom you have never met and who were not present. Having had the pleasure of interviewing several hundred clairvoyants and psychics over the years, I would certainly group you among the better ones. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that you are among a handful whose accuracy in certain things would be rated over 90%. It is our aim to keep in touch with you periodically in case you have any startling predictions about future events or people, or for that matter, topics of any interest that we could share with our readers. We wish you continued success in your work.”

- Joseph F. Dippong, Publisher, Chimo Publications, Founder, Canadian Psychic Research Foundation, Toronto, Ontario

“Dear Douglas, I have just had a long conversation with the person in charge of programming at the A.R.E., Nancy Stephenson. For all these years, the A.R.E. has never presented psychics on their programs. Recently – because of various complaints and pressures about this rather curious attitude, considering that their entire work is based on the performance of a psychic – they have relented somewhat and they have invited a few psychics to speak from the platform about their psychic abilities, but not to perform.
In April and September of 1983, however, they are going to do something quite unprecedented, and that is to have a week’s workshop in which each of 50 persons attending (the number is limited) will get 3 readings at a distance, from an astrologer, a clairvoyant, and, perhaps, a trance medium. The person will then get 3 hours of counselling and there will be lectures and discussions about the readings. The purpose of all this is research on the one hand, and help for the individual on the other hand.
I gave Nancy your name, address, and phone as a possible participant in this project, and recommended you highly. However, it would mean that you would not be present here, but would do the readings from your home in Canada. Don’t ask me why! Two other possibilities occurred to me, and I have explored them both. One is the Fellowship of Inner Light, at the head of which is the psychic Paul Solomon. As I expected, they were not too receptive to the idea of entertaining another psychic.
The other was a woman named Ursula Jahea. She would be interested in doing something with you and has had a lot of experience in aranging such activities with several psychics in the past. I have given her your name, address, and phone, and recommend you highly. 
I wish I could be of more help to you than this; but between the ARE programs in the spring and Ursula Jaheda’s real interest for later on, maybe this will provide you with the platform you need. Yes, I most certainly do remember you, and the fine reading you gave me! The explanation of a certain relationship was extremely enlightening.
I certainly hope things work out for you, Doug; you truly deserve to have wide exposure here in the States.
Many good wishes!”

- Gina Cerminara, Ph.D., Virginia Beach, Virginia (Author of Many Mansions, The World Within, Insights for the Age of Aquarius)

"I have known Douglas James Cottrell for almost a year, and in that time he has shown himself to me to be of great character and integrity.  In fact, we need more people in the world today like DouglasHe has been very generous with his time and his services.  Both to me and my family and also to members of the A.R.E. of N.Y. Community."

- Jack Rosen, A.R.E. of N.Y. Board Chair

"Dear Douglas, this is just a short note to thank you for the assistance you gave the Open Road Magazine while James and I were producing it. Your expertise with the written word and wonderful articles were a blessing to the magazine, the readers and to us personally. May God bless you in all that you do."

- Catherine MacDonald, Edgar Cayce Canada

“Thank you for my recent reading. I am both grateful and exhilarated. Because of your remedies and protocols I am looking forward to doing things that I thought I may not have been able to do again. Regaining lost health is a great gift – both physically & emotionally. Because this is also a testimonial I would like to specify – for those who might be naturally skeptical – a number of accurate statements that you made about my health even though you have never met me & know nothing about me, not even my birth date: 1. Your statements about my spine, including mentioning 4 specific vertebrae were exactly correct, as substantiated by recent medical MRI’s. 2. Your statements about circulation, involving two different parts of the body were also accurate, as substantiated by recent medical tests. You also specified one side of the body as being more effected than the other. This was also borne out by medical tests. You also described the underlying causes of these conditions & the protocols that will clear them up. Now that I understand the “big picture”, I understand how the protocols will help me – and it all makes complete sense. Medical science, with all it’s wonders & technology has been a great help to me over the years, but it was never able to give me the understanding, peace of mind and sense of hope that you have given me. Thank you.”

- "Businessman" (name withheld by request), NYC, New York

“I see Douglas James Cottrell at his booth at the end of a long aisle and get out of my wheelchair to say hi. I get a feeling of deep compassion emanating from him and a kind of matter-of-fact intention – a can do sort of ability. I also feel a kind of quivering in my body, an unsteadiness as I stand in front of him. I seem to be reaching for him, wanting him to touch me. I’m not completely sure what happened next but something profoundly moving gripped me and my friends Peter and Annette. I felt a gentle, steady force moving me backward, pushing me. I lean back and almost crumple. This is so strange, I could never let myself fall back, not with such a vulnerable head so soon out of radiation therapy. And yet… it’s almost Television Evangelical. I regain my footing and stand a little unsteadily as Cottrell continues to do something to me. There is an energy emanating from him and then suddenly I am pushed, shoved even by some great force and I fall, stagger backwards. Then I am on the floor and I am shaking and crying and saying “Oh my what’s happening, oh my, what’s happening?” My eyes are closed and something pops out of the back of my neck. “Something’s coming out of me,” I remember saying. “Something’s coming out of my head.” I am weeping and staggering away and pushing the wheelchair. The dimensions of this are just too weird and surprising. I am not sure what I have experienced. It takes my friends and I hours to piece together the event so that it plays fluidly, but I suspect much of what we decide on is simply filling in the gaps with our imaginations. None of us really knows what happened, but the cancer in my brain, I suspect, just popped out. I am so glad Peter and Annette are here. How else could they come to any belief in this? Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

- Lindalee T. (last name withheld by request), Toronto, Canada

“It has been since 2010 and 2011 since I received my two deep trance meditation readings, as well as having read (more than once) Secrets of Life and New Renaissance, of which I have in book form as well. They are truly wonderful. I do appreciated the works you have been engaged in for the betterment of any and all who choose to avail themselves thereof. Thank you for your sincere efforts.”

- Phil A. (last name withheld by request), Independence, O.R., U.S.A.

“Years ago I had my first deep trance meditation reading done and asked about my state of health. Douglas responded in detail describing the state of my vital organs, adverse conditions and remedial actions I could take. The Quantum Meditation was stunningly accurate, including but not limited to the subluxation of 2 vertebrae – L2 and L5. Subsequently stopping at a chiropractor for the first time in my life, he x-rayed me, showed and described to me the results. Two areas needed adjustments, he said, L2 and L5. Since then I have had numerous readings done, asking about a huge variety of subjects from personal information, even to unexplained events throughout history, and the resulting information has been fascinating. I practice a form of meditation and exercises somewhat like Chi Gung. The Q.M.’s have given me tips to maximize my results and also made the practice much more meaningful, as they have explained the cause of various things I’ve experienced while practicing. Although the Q.M.’s answers can be cryptic at times, specific questions yield specific answers and an advantage it has over other forms of inquiry is the ability to ask virtually *any* question you want. The Q.M. readings have definitely enriched my life and I continue to take full advantage of this information source. I am confident that the Q.M. (done not only by Douglas, but any competent person) will eventually gain widespread acceptance and be validated scientifically.”

- (name withheld by request), M.I., U.S.A.

“In the early 90′s my God Mother had passed away in the hospital under some very strange circumstances. My Mother had been willed all of the contents of my God Mothers home. My God Mother had some jewellery but it was no where to be found. The house had been packed up and was getting ready to be sold. We had searched everywhere and had gone through everything and still we couldn’t find the jewellery. As a last “ditch effort” so to speak, I thought “why not try a psychic”. Now I have to tell you that I am very sceptical and I have had my doubts and I feel many psychics claim to be something that they are not. I was told about Douglas and his abilities through a friend who had friends that had been to see him to recover a missing antique tea service. So I thought “it was worth a try”although all of my family and friends assured me that I was throwing my money away. So I made the trip to London from Toronto. With in minutes Douglas told me exactly where the jewellery was hidden with great detail and incredible accuracy. My God Mother had hidden it in the ceiling!!! We never would have found it with out Douglas and his abilities. He also explained to me what had happened to my God Mother while she was in hospital and what led to her death with very specific accurate detail which helped bring some closure and some peace of mind. Now I know that sceptics say that psychics are very vague and general when they give a reading, but my reading was incredibly specific. How much more proof does anyone need. Douglas is the real deal. I’ve got the jewellery to prove it!”

- Victoria Gargarella, 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you so much for the excellent reading. What an amazing gift Douglas has. The energy who speaks through him gave insights beyond the basic questions that were asked. It was the best advice, the best intuitive reading I have ever experienced.Just a fun aside, but the day I received the email that the reading and recording had been completed, I had woken up that day with the thought that, “Huh. I just saw Douglas James Cottrell’s image in my dream for a few seconds… I wonder if the reading has been done?” But, as I had it in my mind that it was going to be much longer and thinking the end of September, I didn’t believe it. And then later that afternoon, I saw that it was in fact completed. : ) What a wonderful surprise! Many blessings of happiness and prosperity to you!”

- Robyn S. (last name withheld by request), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I had known about Edgar Cayce’s work for years, and I started to wonder if anyone was doing those types of readings nowadays. With that in mind, I eventually came across Douglas and his work, and I was interested enough to book a reading. The information in my first reading really hit the mark, and amazed me with its detail and scope. Douglas’ ability to answer questions was exactly what I had been looking for. He was able to identify conditions involving my digestive system and spinal alignment that both my doctor and chiropractor had largely missed. I applied the suggestions that were given and found steady improvements, although finding a suitable chiropractor and osteopath was somewhat challenging in my location. Nonetheless, Douglas pinpointed the locations on my spine that needed adjustment, and an osteopath later confirmed the information. I was very pleased with the results of the first session, and booked additional readings to address other questions for myself and my family.The advice and information given in the readings has proven to be most helpful and insightful. Applying the information given in Douglas’ readings has helped me to greatly improve my health and well-being, and has added new meanings to my perspectives on life. What was once a chronic scalp condition has almost disappeared thanks to following Douglas’ suggestions. Several other personal health issues in both myself and my wife were diagnosed with surprising accuracy, and have improved greatly in response to following the readings’ advice. Not only are the questions answered, but Douglas often goes beyond the basic questions to address other important aspects in the big picture and in the details. Douglas indeed has a special gift, and his abilities to provide helpful information are a most wonderful blessing for those who seek them.”

- Jason (last name withheld by request), 
Saskatchewan, Canada

“I have worked within the field of autism treatment for over 15 years, yet the mystery that is this complex disorder continues to peak my curiosity daily. Despite decades of research, dozens of official federal expert committees and millions of dollars of funding, the causes of autism remain unknown and the treatments even more hotly debated. “My approach is holistic – considering the child’s physical health, behavioural and cognitive development along with the welfare of the family unit among other aspects of the child’s environment. While there have been some important notable variables linked to autism such as diet and toxification and some very promising treatments, it remains the interplay of the many variables that we have not yet understood. For example, it seems that many children with autism require more antioxidants (as per biological tests), along with reduced casein and gluten diets for some. Yet, there is no research which examines the combined effect of these two treatments; is it positive, negative or neutral. The body is incredibly complex. Searching for answers and direction for some of the most challenging cases, I have used Doug Cottrell’s talent. His clairvoyance, especially in the area of physical health issues, has proven exacting. “Carl was a particularly interesting and challenging case. He was (already) 9-years old when I first met him and his family and diagnosed with classic and profound autism. A striking, tall, and lanky boy with a long head and short dark hair. His shoulders slouched and his neck was held slightly too forward. He followed my every step with wide-open eyes but not a word. His fix was intense. He didn’t turn his back on me for even a second, yet we remained completely detached and unconnected. Still at the age of 9 he was, for some reason, non-verbal and lacked the social behavior repertoire to interact in any meaningful way. “Specifically, one particular behaviour I was having trouble determining a treatment for was his stereoptyped compulsivities. Transfixed by his repetitious self-stimulating finger-licking and finger-blowing behavior, he would pace back and forth seemingly unsettled for up to 30 minutes at a time. He avoided physical touch and closeness. With the exception of his mother, with whom he had a very special rapport, he remained what could appear to be aloof to his family and therapists alike. As he paced, Carl would hold the tips of his fingers of his right hand up to his lips and blow on them while amazingly quickly darting the tip of his tongue in and out briefly licking his fingertips. Over and over, for hours each day, anytime he wasn’t using his hands for something else like eating, he would perseverate in this blowing-licking behaviour. “There are several accepted mainstream treatment strategies to help a person with compulsive repetitious behaviours that seem to inhibit their learning and functioning. The most conventional is with the use of drugs. The second most common and widely used is applied behavioural analysis using positive punishment and reinforcement to inhibit the unwanted behaviour while increasing new more useful behaviours. Carl’s family had for many years before I met them tried a variety of different strategies without success. They had however not yet considered a biological imbalance underlying the strange behaviour. Since Carl was already 9 years old and the family was desperately searching for some answers, I thought I would turn to Doug Cottrell for some insight. I outlined a list of questions focused on Carl’s underlying biological imbalances and what could be done to help with the finger blowing-licking behaviour. “Within just 30 minutes Doug easily provided the insights and appropriate strategies that had previously remained a mystery until then. I was eager to return to the family and to implement the specific directions given by Doug Cottrell. An important note to make is that I followed the guidance and implemented the steps in conjunction with the family’s values and principles. In other words, it was obviously important to ‘interpret’ the guidance and ideas according to the family and child’s then present situation, needs, values, resources, and beliefs. For example, Doug insightfully identified that Carl had several pinched nerves in the atlas and 1st and 2nd vertebrae resulting from forceful pulling and twisting at birth. The pinched nerves were in fact those connected directly to the fingertips. The result was that Carl felt a burning and tingling sensation in his fingertips most of the day; he therefore blew and licked them for comfort. It was a full-time feeling and a full-time distraction for the young boy. I began first by asking Carl’s mother for more details about the birth. She explained that it had been a long labour, Carl was had been a breach baby and was after a long struggle pulled out using forceps and some twisting she recalled. All of the historical information matched up with Doug’s “diagnosis”. “Along with pinched nerves, there was some chronic inflammation at the base of the neck as well as some slight cranial deformity. There would need to be several treatments. However, given the family’s conventional and more conservative beliefs, I encouraged them to have several x-rays taken to confirm Doug’s insightful “diagnosis”. The medical x-rays indeed confirmed every point outlined including the compressed vertebrae, inflammation, and pinched nerves. The family was ready to implement the treatment. Again, following Doug Cottrell’s guidance, we directed a trained certified Doctor of Osteopathy to apply traction to the neck. Carl’s mother also applied cold packs on and off throughout the day to decrease inflammation and relieve the chronic blockage of blood flow at the base of the neck. After two short weeks of these treatments, the Doctor was confident to make an actual manipulation and adjustment of the neck. Along with some gentle massage, several more adjustments and the cold packs, within 4 weeks we were in awe to witness Carl’s previously full-time “obsessive” behaviour decrease to less than 10 percent of the day. This remarkable healing of the pinched nerves consequently relieved Carl from the chronic burning sensation; he no longer had the impulse to blow and lick his fingertips. He was no longer distracted by the sensations and was able to begin to focus on socialization and interaction. His mother and family were at once in disbelief and yet grateful for the speedy positive change. “Carl has many ‘lost’ years to catch up on learning and many other social and developmental challenges to overcome. However, by simply healing this one impediment to learning, Carl has been able to develop from mute to over 200 spoken words! We are thrilled, and Carl has so many more opportunities to learn and participate in meaningful ways.”

- (name withheld by request), Autism Educator, Harvard University, M.Ed.

“Today I live, today I walk, today I have recovered from progressive multiple sclerosis and much of it is thanks to Douglas Cottrell. I was diagnosed with MS in late 1999. Contrary to my neurologist’s predictions that chilly October morning, ( “I think you’ll do very well with this”) my case of MS was fast-moving, aggressive and relentless. (“It hit you like a train,” a friend said.) The steady march of symptoms included progressive tingling, numbness, stiffness, and a steadily worsening gait; then vision problems, and pain that became almost unbearable. Eventually, I couldn’t walk without support. I had difficulty moving my hands; I could barely turn over in bed; I could barely tolerate being touched. Even the pressure of clothing sometimes hurt. I submitted to two rounds of intravenous steroids, which didn’t seem to help. Then the neurologist recommended chemotherapy, a very aggressive treatment, to try to stem the relentless progress of the disease. “When is this going to get better?” I asked. His answer was flat: “You are not going to get better. We’re just trying to slow this down.” “But along the way I also turned to Doug, whom I had known for many years. I drove from the United States across Ontario, alone, and hobbled from the car into his office, barely able to walk. My first and most burning question: “Will I be able to heal?” His one-word answer that gave me hope, from that day forward: “Indeed.” Doug’s is a remarkable gift. In that first reading, he laid out for me an incredibly detailed program of recommendations that included acupuncture, massage, and a slate of other instructions, including working with healing oils, obtaining two devices recommended by the late U.S. psychic Edgar Cayce, drinking two ounces of Dr Pepper every few days, and applying a weak electrical current to my body. He recommended that I eat squid to correct an imbalance that kept me from assimilating food. The readings also pointed to a deeper, more important level where healing was needed: the emotions (“the constructive and destructive forces in any body”) the deep and lingering layers of pain from some situations earlier in my life. Illness manifests on subtle levels before we experience it in the body, the reading explained, indicating that if we correct imbalances on those levels, perhaps there need not be a physical manifestation. So that’s my answer to “Why me? Why now?” I thought. Healing on this level I simply hadn’t completed, despite years of patient prodding by the readings. So I went home, in pain and barely able to walk. I decided also to follow the doctors’ recommendations. But after several rounds of chemotherapy, I was so weak and so ill that I thought that I might not survive the treatment ? which doctors assured me wasn’t going to make me “better,” anyway. “One night I lay on my sofa, planning my own funeral. Soon afterward, I reached a turning point: I decided to follow my own inner promptings; to do whatever it would take to get well. So I turned again to the reading, incorporating everything except the things that I simply couldn’t afford. I began to listen to my own intuition. And I began to ask for help from others to whom I was guided. I read, I studied, I sought answers, and I took action. I requested healing prayer, I explored Chinese herbs, I worked with a gifted homeopath, I studied energy psychology. I began learning martial arts (at a time when I could barely stand). I worked with healers and learned self-healing techniques. I submitted my body to bee venom therapy. A later reading assured me that I was also receiving guidance from on high. I traveled to California, alone and in a wheelchair, to study with a healing prayer group. I was chosen for a healing session (which became one of the deepest experiences of this lifetime). A prayer council member of more than 20 years’ standing said he saw images of lifetimes of physical injury removed during those few minutes. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said and, by God’s grace, I never used a wheelchair again. It’s now more than five years later. I have never again taken medication. My doctor is amazed that the “incurable” case of rapidly progressive MS seems to have abated. He decided the early diagnosis must have been incorrect: Perhaps my case is relapsing-remitting, he told me, or perhaps I had a one-time-only, severe viral attack. No matter. Today I walk. Today I work. Today I practice martial arts. And my learning and healing continue on all levels. I now use what I have learned to help others along the path to wellness. And I strive to offer them the most important gift that Doug has given me, throughout all the years I have known this remarkable man: Hope.”

- Susan R. Schell, 
Ohio, USA

“In May 2000, our daughter, Sophie was a healthy, active, six-year old, when she suffered an aneurysm and multiple strokes caused by a congenital defect on her brain stem. She was initially declared brain-dead, and then she responded. Thus began a nightmarish hospital stay. She had severe spasms and shaking, and was given a shunt tube to drain her brain fluid. At several points during the hospital stay, she had further trauma, seizures and abnormal drug reactions; when the fluid thickened and could not be drained, she lost more function and brain tissue, almost dying again. After coming home in the Fall, she worsened, and doctors were unable to correct the hydrocephalus. She was given less than a week to live, and was barely breathing, with constant suctioning needed to keep her airway open. At this point, we went to Douglas James Cottrell, a well-known local medical intuitive, for a reading; he told us that in the next six days Sophie would decide whether or not to stay. If she chose to do the work, she would improve, but if not, she would rapidly deteriorate and die. He suggested shiatsu and cranial-sacral therapies to support the body while Sophie made her decision. She had daily shiatsu and weekly cranial treatments, and her breathing slowly cleared. By the end of the month, she was breathing without suction. This allowed doctors to change a valve in her shunt. The fluid finally drained, bringing rapid changes: some speech and motor control returned, and she was eating and drinking again. Doctors were astounded at this “miraculous” turnaround. Since then, Sophie has regained a lot of her cognitive function. She has some speech ability and limited use of her right arm. She now attends school. She has had further challenges with improper shunt placement (described in great detail by Douglas’s “remote viewing” ability), compromised immune system, and continued spasticity issues. All along the way, we have consulted Douglas when doctors, therapists, or our own intuitive resources were at a loss. We could always count on accurate, detailed descriptions of the body functions, down to the most minute detail, plus reasons for the impairment, and solutions to help correct it. We also benefited from Douglas’s insights on the “big picture” as to why Sophie is going through this. This has allowed us to cope and continue the exhausting care that is required. Simply put, Sophie would not be alive if we did not have the information that Douglas provided. The method of gathering this information seems unbelievable to some, but we have come to count on his readings, having seen the proof of the physical information time and again with Sophie’s care. Many people ask if Sophie has to be present during a reading, and are shocked by the fact that Douglas simply “finds” her mind remotely while in a deep meditative state in another city. However, he describes recent events – such as a seizure from the day before – in such detail, that it is impossible to doubt the accuracy of the physical information. Projections for Sophie’s recovery have remained constant, with an expectation for improvements as the brain heals, leading to an almost complete recovery of function. The time frames given in the readings fluctuate, as Sophie is very fragile and experiences many difficult impediments to the linear progress of her recovery; however, Douglas continues to “see” her healed in the near future. We continue to shift therapies and remedies, working with Sophie’s ever-changing needs and challenges, hoping to maintain her health long enough to allow the brain to heal and take over those functions that we are artificially supporting. Once an improvement in one area occurs (digestion/assimilation, for example), it should lead to improvements in other systems, allowing for the strengthening she needs to do the physical rehabilitation for motor control. Douglas offers insight that Sophie’s case – and the methods we have adopted to maintain her health – will be studied to the benefit of future generations, changing the way the medical community deals with these fragile children. Most children who suffer aneurisms die, not from the initial trauma, but from the complications afterward. It is this area where we seem to be breaking ground. Already, doctors in Stratford, Canada sent another little girl immediately to the neurosurgeon, because of the knowledge gained from Douglas’s insights, thereby sparing her many hours of needless trauma and unnecessary strokes. She was spared the extra impairment and damage that Sophie suffered, because of the use of Douglas’s Cayce-style readings. The neurologist who cared for Sophie in the hospital attended a paediatric brain injury conference in Europe, and spoke of our use of cranial-sacral therapy with Sophie. She was approached by doctors in other countries to see how they could use this method to help their patients. We are proud that Sophie’s example is already affecting children far outside our immediate circle.”

- Tim Weber and Claire Roy-Weber, 
Stratford, Ontario, Canada

“This letter is long overdue – about eight to ten years or so. This letter isn’t about me though; rather it’s a long overdue update on my nephew Michael. From what I can gather from my sister, Fiona, in his early days Michael seemed just like any other growing child with the exception that his communication skills appeared slow to develop. He had no problems eating, walking, and essentially entertaining himself. He was fixated by the television, and his favorite pastime seemed to be sitting in front of the set laughing at the commercials. He was very much into himself. As late as age four or five, he still wasn’t talking (if I can remember correctly). My sister, Fiona, and brother-in-law, Robert, are simple, working-class folks: always struggling with the family budget, short on cash, but very long in their love for Michael. I can still remember Robert saying the happiest day in his life will be when Michael just says “Dad.” One day – I believe Michael was about three at the time – I received a distraught call from Fiona. Michael had been taken to the hospital for some non-threatening reason. If I remember correctly it was to check up a fall or something. At the hospital, Michael went berserk. Uncontrollable. I have the impression of a completely traumatized child, crying and pushing off those around him. Nothing had been done to him to warrant the behavior, and he had to be sent home with his mother. When they returned home, the distraught behavior continued. For 36 hours, Michael wouldn’t let anyone come near him, not even his mother. He sat crouched in the hallway and occasionally jumped over imaginary cracks in the floor. He wouldn’t eat or go to bed. Eventually he calmed down, probably through sheer exhaustion. It was at this time I contacted you, Douglas, for some help. I should add here that Fiona and Robert are practicing Catholics and they had no idea of what was coming their way. Your tape arrived and I soon had a distraught call from Fiona, along the lines of “How could you have done such a thing?!!” I’ll hastily add that the tape was definitely a positive turning point for Fiona, as she’ll freely admit now. But I regret to say, Douglas, you are still regarded as THAT MAN in a not-too-flattering tone by Robert (even though everything presented on the tape has more or less proven helpful). I had Fiona send me the tape, and from my perspective – a more detached uncle – it gave comfort in many ways, despite the horrific account being presented. The account explained that in his previous lifetime, Michael had been interred in a Nazi concentration camp along with his family. By his seventh birthday, he had lost everyone to the horrors of the camp; his means of protection from the horror was to withdraw to himself and crouch up into a ball. His trip to the hospital brought back the memories of men in white lab coats with sharp instruments like scissors. (This explained the tantrums Michael would go through whenever his mother tried to cut his hair, etc. Fiona would have to hide things like scissors and knives from his view.) The reading gave good council on how to handle the situation and presented some dietary guidelines to help the child develop. I can understand my sister’s confusion. Here was someone presenting a plausible account for the situation, but this meant accepting the concept of a previous life. Her difficulty was compounded by the fact that certain secrets only a mother would know about her child were revealed in the reading. As much as she wanted to accept the evidence on the tape, there was one issue that was just too difficult for her to accept, and is/was the reason Robert still has difficulty. “The reading went on to explain that Michael had chosen Fiona and Robert as his parents (and I will add his older sisters) because of the Love he would receive from them. He was prepared to stay with them until around his seventh birthday, then he would decide whether to go on with this incarnation. This was the great stumbling block to acceptance. The idea that a child could have that control just didn’t sit right. How could he think such a thing? They loved him so much. To me I read this as such a beautiful gift to Fiona and Robert. That Michael would trust their Love and be willing to come back into the world, especially after what he’d been through. There was of course much more, but those are the salient points that I remember. Michael’s physical growth progressed quite normally, but his social skills were slow to develop. He did start talking at the age of five, if I remember correctly, but was later diagnosed as having Asberger’s syndrome. As time went on, Fiona came to accept the contents of the reading, and had two more as he progressed. These readings were mostly related to dietary and chiropractic adjustments to help him progress – and progress he certainly did. Michael is now 14, so I guess we can say Robert and Fiona passed the “Love” test. He is special in many ways. Although he still lacks some social skills, he excels in others. He is a skilled painter and has had one of his paintings hung at the Glasgow Art Gallery. This Gallery has Salvador Dali’s Crucifixion in their collection, so I guess it’s got good company. He has a photographic memory, and needs to read something just once and it’s remembered. Fiona describes his mind as a computer. He is also an accomplished gardener. He was given a local garden plot about two years ago and spends considerable time there. It would not be enough to say he has green fingers, more like magic fingers. Considering the soil and climate in these parts, his produce is extraordinary. Cabbages the size of satellite dishes, according to Fiona. Enough baking potatoes to feed the neighborhood – and he does. There’s so much of everything: tomatoes, leeks, beetroot, and so on. All huge. The neighbours are very pleased, and give him vouchers for the local hardware store and money to help him on. He’s definitely passed the “Great Masters Ten Talent Test” – make use of so little. He also has a natural affinity for musical instruments, though that seems to be put aside for the moment. He took up the French Horn, and after just three months was playing simple tunes. His music teacher claimed he was the best student that had come through the school. If there’s a flaw, it’s in our eyes: he just cannot lie about anything, he is completely truthful in everything. It’s a sad reflection, but this innocence could cause some difficulty. Finally, he loves his Mother to bits. My sister has come a very long way in her view of spiritual matters: complete acceptance I’d say. At the time of the second reading, one of Fiona’s Yorkshire terriers had given birth. For safety’s sake, she put them in Michael’s bedroom, since that’s where there was the least disturbance. She installed a blue light in the room. This was a dim light, which wouldn’t disturb Michael while he slept. The dim light would allow her to check that the puppies were all right, and she wouldn’t accidentally step on them should they wander from their mother. Just as your reading was coming to a close, a last comment was made along the lines of: “While the Blue light has much healing properties, in this particular case we would recommend the Red light for the child.” My sister’s reaction (far cry from the anxious doubter) was “My God, he’s been in my place and it was in an absolute mess!!!”

- Ian Nimmons,