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How did Douglas learn about clairvoyance? This mini-documentary follows Douglas’s journey to save his handicapped daughter, Cheri-Anne, which led him to an unorthodox source of aid, when all hope seemed to be lost. Featuring interviews with the medical professionals who oversaw Douglas’s development. 

How do clairvoyants like Edgar Cayce, Ross Peterson and Douglas Cottrell have access to information they could not otherwise know? Lawyer, Rebecca Sanford, shares some insight about the Akashic Field, and how clairvoyants may access it.

Broadcaster and radio host, Richard Syrett, gives his theories on how Douglas Cottrell is able to access information that is beyond physical perception.

Autism educator/author, Jonathan Anderson, describes how he used Douglas’s clairvoyant ability to uncover the hidden cause of a child's puzzling obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

Toronto realtor, Damaris Moro, explains how a clairvoyant consultation with Douglas gave astonishing insight into the personalities of her children, by describing a hidden past-life connection.

Tim Weber explains how he used Douglas's ability over the course of several years to aid his daughter, who had suffered a brain aneurysm.

Laima Barkauskas, a long-term client of Douglas, reminisces on her first experience with Douglas’s ability, and shares some stories of how he helped with numerous medical conditions.

Radio host and broadcaster, Richard Syrett, shares the story of how they met and the revealing information Douglas shared with him, which convinced him that Douglas’s ability is genuine.

Damaris Moro, realtor, shares how a chance meeting with Douglas changed her life.

An amazing confirmation of Douglas’s clairvoyant ability. A caller on a live radio show asks Douglas for information about her missing nephew, and then calls back a few weeks later to share some news.