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Have you ever...?

Had a dream about something and it came true?

Had a feeling something was going to happen, and it did?

Just known something was going to happen, and it did?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above...

you are already demonstrating the ability to perceive information about an event that has yet to take place. You are using your intuitive mind. Learn to develop your mind further, to access information beyond your conscious physical perception. See clearly along a path of experiences and make better choices in the present. Learn to perceive the answers to questions on virtually any person, place, or thing. The potential of your power within is virtually unlimited! All you need are the keys to access it and someone to show you the way.

Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D...

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Dr. Cottrell invites you to join him on air each week, as he explores new dimensions in human consciousness. The Douglas James Cottrell Radio Show introduces you to interesting guests who share their real-life experiences with the unexplained, the mystical, and the supernatural. 


watch: how douglas’s ability was used to determine the cause of extreme o.c.d.

About 70 years ago, Edgar Cayce began gaining national prominence in the United States for his uncanny and otherworldly ability to solve perplexing medical questions, all while in a state of deep meditative trance. Today, that mantle has been passed to Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, who has demonstrated many of Cayce’s marvelous abilities using the exact same techniques.

Richard Syrett, Broadcaster, “The Conspiracy Show” and “Conspiracy Unlimited”

Doug is considered to be like Edgar Cayce—a medical intuitive who also tells you about your past lives and helps guide you through current life issues. To do this he goes into a trance and accesses what they call the Akashic records—a collection of knowledge supposedly stored in the astral plane. Over the years he’s helped me put my life in perspective. My mom had even witnessed him give people uncannily accurate medical diagnoses.

Kelly Carlin, Author, “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George”

Doug, I have found you to be one of the most objective and accurate intuitives I have met. Your trance style is very much like Edgar Cayce’s, including the ability to “get out of the way” of the information coming through,  therefore you “color” it as little as possible while it passes through you to the recipient. You are one of the few intuitives I recommend when asked: “Where can I find a good psychic?”

Paul Zuromski, Publisher, “Body Mind Spirit” magazine

Who is Douglas James Cottrell?

Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D. (1949 – present) is an ordinary man who demonstrates extraordinary abilities. In 1975, his mind was opened to the possibilities of intuitive phenomena when a co-worker at the Toronto Star newspaper handed him a book about Edgar Cayce, an American intuitive who practiced in the early 20th Century...

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What is Quantum Meditation?

The simplest–but clearly incomplete–explanation is to classify it merely as an exponent of the Mind-Reach phenomenon, named after the book of the self-same name by Doctors Targ and Puthoff. This seminal work established via respected, double-blind testing protocols, that it is possible to “send” the mind of one person to a given geographical location...

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What is the Akashic Field?

Although the Akashic Field (also called the Akashic Records) is often described metaphorically as a library or monument containing all knowledge, we know that it is not really something that exists in a single specified place. The Akashic Field is contained in the energy vibrations of the universe. It is within and around us...

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