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Learn to Develop the Power Within and Access the Akashic Field

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you're already demonstrating the ability to perceive information about an event that has yet to take place. You are using your intuitive mind. Learn to develop your mind further, to access information beyond your conscious physical perception. See clearly along a path of experiences and make better choices in the present. Learn to perceive the answers to questions on virtually any person, place, or thing. The potential of your power within is virtually unlimited! All you need are the keys to access it and someone to show you the way.

Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D. is the pioneer of a specialized meditation technique that will allow you to access a celestial "supercomputer" of information. Douglas is one of those rare individuals like Edgar Cayce, Paul Solomon and Ross Peterson who has found a way to access an energetic merge-point at which all consciousness and knowledge is shared. Science is now calling these realms of ultra-consciousness the Quantum Field (or Akashic Field). Douglas can teach you to access the Akashic Field too!

"About 70 years ago, Edgar Cayce began gaining national prominence in the United States for his uncanny and otherworldly ability to solve perplexing medical questions, all while in a state of deep meditative trance. Today, that mantle has been passed to Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, who has demonstrated many of Cayce’s marvelous abilities using the exact same techniques." 
- Richard Syrett, Host, "The Conspiracy Show"

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