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Tips for Success and Financial Independence

When you have an inventive and creative mind, you must learn to have a singleness of purpose, and not to go into too many directions at the same time. The challenge is to have the discipline not to jump to the next creative idea, and then the next, but to keep to one, and see it through to completion. As you would keep going in a single direction, you will achieve financial independence, for you would have the attraction of “much monies.” 

Understand yourself as a huntsman going into the jungle, to hunt the greatest game: the elephant. If you take a shotgun with you, you scatter your energies hither and yon. But if you take the rifle, you would capture the largest game. Have that same singleness of purpose, to be like the bullet; choose a line of direction, take careful aim, and be the huntsman for the biggest game. 

In order to achieve fame and fortune, it takes the presence of now, and the dedication of the present moment. Focus your creative abilities, and do not let anyone or anything get in your way. Do not allow any diversion to take you away from that single path. Take aim, pull the trigger; then every day, every decision you make, will be towards that final destination. 

Now, your goal should be something tangible, that you can picture clearly in your mind, and that when it manifests, you know you have acquired it. The term ‘financial independence’ is arbitrary, because you could do many things to be financially independent. But to say, “I need a million dollars in my bank account to be financially independent,” then this is finite, and all the forces of mind work towards making that goal come true. 

Of course, logically, and intellectually, you need a purpose or a way for this to happen. The unseen or the metaphysical is the coincidence, opportunity, chance, or meetings that will be aligned for you to take advantage of them in order to acquire your goal. 

Pray often but do not be distracted. Do not let anyone dissuade you or discourage you, for this happens all too often. This is why it is often said, “Do not tell others your prayer,” for there will always be naysayers and detractors, even those who are well-meaning, who will create fear in your mind and prevent you from attaining your goal.

Listen to criticism, and take into account the opinions of others (if they are informed opinions), but be dedicated, and love yourself sufficiently, to acquire the greatest game. However, you must make these choices to become successful. No one else can do it for you. 

To be financially independent, pick a number that is believable, that is realistic, and know that when you acquire that amount of money in your bank, that you are indeed financially independent. Up until that time, you are not quite there, and you might think of that right now. You are not quite there, but you are getting closer every day. This will focus the mind, which tends to be all over the place sometimes, and it will put it in line. 

Through observation, coincidence or chance, people will come to you and help you on your way. But in order to make the best of it, try to have a theme where everything is in line or in a singleness of purpose. This would be your genius. This will be your success.

(excerpt from my book, Conversations with the Akashic Field

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  • Thank you Mr. Cottrell this excerpt from your book, makes perfect sense to me. It seems to have appeared just when I needed to hear it. ❤️

    Anna Lowery
  • Thanks, Mr. Cottrell. Sometimes it’s like you read my mind. ☺

    Chris W.

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