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The Sin of Conformity

“Through work and worth ye become free.”

“If he’s so psychic, how come he’s not rich?” 

“If you use your spiritual gifts for material gain, God will take them away from you.” 

Which of these thoughts is correct?

The question of how to become rich preoccupies just about everyone (except, perhaps, those who are sheltered in monasteries or communes, and have forsaken all personal possessions). But, for most of us, the motivation to increase our standard of living and be free of debt brings a life-long struggle.

We are told that education and hard work are the keys to success and riches. Yet, there are many who hold degrees who are not rich or successful. Likewise, there are many who labour exceptionally hard, like farmers, tradesmen and construction workers. And do they necessarily become rich? We all know the answer.

In reality, it takes more than education and hard work to become rich. 

The use of psychic abilities for financial gain has no middle-of-the-roaders. Opinions are diametrically opposed. The “for” group often develops elaborate ceremonies and practices in their pursuit of wealth. Sometimes, they arrogantly and mistakenly perceive themselves as being the source of their psychic insights. The “against” group believes the gifted ones should freely give of their gifts and condemns anyone who receives money for their spiritual efforts.

To further complicate the matter, we are told with indignant authority that we each possess free will and free choice, and that we can do or become anything we wish. Yet, there are indications of destiny, such as our life’s map (i.e. astrological chart), psychic predictions that come true years later or prophetic dreams that come to pass, that seem to show there is no free will and that we are playing out a set life path.

We know the cosmos is ruled by law. What we do not understand are the forces of destiny and free will. Is it your destiny to be rich or not? Can you use free will to become rich? The scriptures tell us we have dominion over the Earth and all the world. Certainly then, it is our birthright to be rich!

Men like Joe E. Cossman, self-made millionaire, offer their “secrets to success” by saying there are “no secrets,” but there is a way. They offer their proven systems, for a fee, and lay out the pathway to riches. Still, many turn away and continue to fail because they do not believe or are reluctant to change. They prefer to remain in their comfort zone, blinded by the sin of conformity. They take no action nor formulate any plan to become rich. Yet, if they look around, they will see that 90 percent of all people over the age of 65 are dependent on someone else for their livelihood. Only 10 percent, after working all their lives, are financially independent. What did the 10 percent do right? They did not conform.

Be different, and, in spite of yourself, you might get rich!

“All businessmen are greedy and dishonest. That’s how they got rich.” This is a commonly-held thought that limits success. While it is true one must monitor greed versus fair compensation, it is not true that one has to be dishonest to get rich. What is true is that one must be of service. The rule is: If you wish to have more money, then figure out a way to be of more service and expect to be well paid for giving the best service you can. Let money be your yardstick that measures how much service you are giving.

The late Henry Ford said, “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” This means that there are many people out there with viable ideas, but few who have the strength or determination to see them through to the end. Life’s achievements and failures can be compared to a roller coaster. You go up and down until the end, but, if you hang on, you’ll never lose. God may take you to the limit, but He’ll never abandon you. If you don’t give in, you won’t fail. To be rich, then, one must be tenacious and never give up.

Like the captain of a ship destined for some exotic distant port, you must plan or chart a course. It requires discipline to adhere to the plan and not get side-tracked. Your destination requires a singleness of purpose. As the captain, it is your responsibility to keep on course. You must also see to it that others you deal with live up to their responsibilities.

Be practical and fair. There is no free lunch. Beware those who will work for nothing, as they will be the most expensive in the end. The Bible says the workman is worth his hire. It is up to you to get fair value from your workman.

There are two kinds of debt. The productive debt is used to make you money. By careful investment, you actually make money by borrowing from someone else. The unproductive debt is a demon. Avoid this one at all costs, for it robs you of your freedom, and causes grey hair to appear on a youthful head. Mortgages, credit cards, car loans, etc. are debts that get bigger as time goes on, and you do not make any money from them.

Right now, this minute, begin to think that you are in business for yourself. Think of money as your financial lifeblood. It has to keep moving and circulating to keep you alive. To be rich, you must be active. Your direction must always be forward in a continual process. Don’t rush to get ahead of the pack. Take care of details as they arise. Only you can handle your money wisely.

Beware of telling your plans to anyone who is not directly involved, particularly friends or relatives. There are many who would plant seeds of doubt in your mind, especially if they have no experience or understanding of your endeavour or if you are attempting to prove yourself to them. They will only criticize. There are a million would-be successes. The only difference between them and the real thing is in the doing. Take action today. Remember, getting rich should be fun, and recognize that a successful person always does the things a failure is afraid to do.

In order to be rich, you must have a goal and a purpose. The goal should be tangible, something that can be realized by the senses. The goal is for you only. The purpose is the effect of your attempt to attain your goal. This, too, must be tangible and something that can be realized by others. Don’t let conditions like “happy” or “better” or anything intangible get confused with goals. Happiness, or any other condition, is the result that comes from attainment.

Hidden behind the goal and purpose is service to mankind. It doesn’t matter if you are a greedy, low-life, so-and-so or the most divine, benevolent saint. If you give service, regardless of your motivations, you gain. The law does not discriminate. The sun shines on the good and bad alike. 

Make an equilateral triangle pointing down. At the upper left angle, write the word, “goal.” At the upper right, write the word, “purpose.” At the bottom angle, write “service.” Keep this symbol handy, and when doubt creeps into your mind, look at it and know that the law is: goal + purpose = service. And giving service means wealth.

Write your plan down. Try to avoid incomplete thinking. Then, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you are afraid to make mistakes, then you are afraid to learn and go forward. King David was God’s favourite prophet because he committed every sin in the book—but only once! He made mistakes and learned. 

Jesus said, “Evil get ye behind me.” To be successful and rich, one should recognize that failure exists, but that it should be put behind you, so that only success can be in front of you.

However, failure must be met at least once in every life. Through failure, one learns humility and a greater appreciation of success. It rounds out the ego and benefits the soul. Never doubt that you are deserving. Seek and ye shall find!

On a personal note, I’d like to relate a dream I had years ago. At the time, I was concerned that the use of my psychic abilities to predict the commodities market would somehow harm me. In the dream, Edgar Cayce appeared and stood to my right. We were at the top of a grassy knoll. Two parallel tracks led over the knoll, and a beautiful sun was rising. He said only, “It really doesn’t matter,” and I awoke with those words on my lips. I went on to use my ability to predict the silver market with another investor. At the time, we could do no wrong. My psychic abilities grew. I could clearly see auras and my dreams became clear and prophetic. My readings grew in depth and understanding as well. 

I learned it was not wrong to use my psychic talents to gain. Somehow I had earned the right.

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  • Since we are talking about conformity, I have a number of people with pretty strong facts that the earth is flat and space with its vacuum is impossible to travel through do you have any insight on these beliefs. NASA to them is a giant phony operation.

    Joe Green
  • I can only report this: one day I wanted to know if Cottrell’s readings were in line with Cayce (I am a Cayce follower), so I got the answer: “Analize what his ideal is!” So I had to look “in between the lines” of what I was reading. I found that your ideal is helping people. Also it came to me that you have been King Tut in a former life, the one who wanted to reinstall the “Law of One”. I am confortable with what I see you doing. Great job, GET RICH, you will need it. Hugs

    Bert Sailer Aman
  • It sounds like you are promulgating greed. It;’s best to be happy with what you have.

  • Dear Dr. Cottrell,

    Thank you for the clarity and strength of this message. I’ve been biting my tongue – pen might be more apt a word! – regarding a certain minister who does spirit clearing. He’s quite good at his work and, although it’s difficult to prove what he’s doing, I know he’s helping crossed over souls to the light.

    He recently wrote to strongly condemn anyone who works as a medium and charges for the work. Although I give away many sessions for those who may be in need – either financial or emotional – I find it ironic that someone who earned a paycheck for ministerial work for over thirty years judges paid mediums. Reckon it bothers me a bit or I wouldn’t be writing it here. :-)

    In my work, I try very hard to help folks open to the many ways their crossed over loved ones attempt communication with them. It’s so rewarding when they write to tell me about feeling their hair touched, finding coins in unusual places, etc. Mediums are just a small part of the many ways our beloved find us, eh?

    I’ve been aware of my own mediumistic abilities for over a decade but have only sold readings for the last few years. One of my favorite parts of the job is recognizing such abilities in others and helping them develop it safely. Btw, I know there are folks with no moral compass to speak of who happen to be profoundly gifted in these areas, so, in this regard, being psychic in and of itself, doesn’t make anyone special.
    What does make it special is intention. In this regard, I’ve passed your brief and powerful prayer of protection to many I’ve met – thanks for that, too!

    I so appreciate and admire the expanse and depth of your story and hard work, particularly in your writing since I’m too far away to avail myself of your classes. And as long as I’m in your cheering section, please allow me to convey my gratitude that you have given permission for many of your sessions to be broadcast on YouTube (TG’s channel). That’s how I discovered your work.

    Sending you and your dear ones all the blessings you do deserve.

    Los Angeles


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