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Weight Loss and Fasting (e-book)

Weight Loss and Fasting (e-book)

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PDF format. Includes link to bonus video content.

The topic of fasting is a controversial one. In this Quantum Meditation™ research session, Douglas answers questions from the Akashic about the ancient practice of fasting, its significance, its benefits, and tips for using it in your life to improve your general health. Questions covered:

  • Lately, science is showing more and more benefits of fasting, for weight loss and general health. The next few questions are regarding the physical and metaphysical benefits of fasting. First, the Masters and prophets of old all fasted periodically, especially when they were meditating. Briefly, what are the metaphysical or spiritual benefits of fasting?
  • Briefly, what are all the benefits of fasting to one’s physical health?
  • There are different fasting methods; for example a water-only fast, juice fasting, and many more. One technique is called intermittent fasting, for example the 19/5 method, wherein one does not eat for nineteen hours of a typical day, and only eats food within a five-hour time window. Briefly, is this the best fasting method for general health and weight loss, and if not, what is?

In answering this last question, Douglas gives strategies to implement in your daily life in order to lose weight. This is invaluable advice that literally everyone can use!

"There are four things that are needed in the body: food or nourishment, breathing, exertion, and rest or prayer, or meditation. If all these elements, these four, balance, then the body will simply, easily be in harmony and will reduce its mass. If it does not, then there is one of the four elements out of balance."

5 pages / 26 minutes. This is a verbatim transcript of a Quantum Meditation™ research session by Douglas James Cottrell in April 2017. BONUS CONTENT: audio recording of the actual research reading formatted as a video you can conveniently watch on your computer or portable device (link provided within the PDF).

"Know and learn what is good and not good for your body. It takes a little time to get to know yourself, but when you begin to know yourself, you begin to like yourself and you begin to love yourself and by taking care of yourself, magically the body will take care of you!" - Douglas James Cottrell

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