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Sojourn of the Soul (e-book)

Sojourn of the Soul (e-book)

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This is a collection of questions and answers about the soul, the pre-existence, the post-existence, death, and reincarnation. Learn to understand the soul, the spiritual dimensions and universal laws which govern the soul. How were souls created? How many souls are there? Where do they come from when we are born and where do they go when we die? Can souls be destroyed? Are there old souls and young souls

• understanding and preparing for physical death
• coming to terms with accidental deaths
• soul mates, twin souls, soul groups, and the oversoul
• planetary sojourns.

Customer Review: "This is the second most important book you have published (first is Secrets of Life, then this one). It is astonishing. It also can be considered something of a `Western Book of the Dead' in that it deals with death in a manner lacking in most texts and even in most religions."

This is a verbatim transcript of a Quantum Meditation™ research session by Douglas James Cottrell. Also included are selections  of readings from Douglas's clientele. Learn how past lives resonate with present circumstances.

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