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Secrets of Life (paperback)
Secrets of Life (paperback)
Secrets of Life (paperback)

Secrets of Life (paperback)

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This is Douglas's seminal book, published in 2004. It answers to questions everyone has about the soul, universal laws, the spiritual world, and the physical world.

Who is God? What is death? Why am I here? Does prayer really work? What does it mean to be a spiritual being in a physical body. Learn about God Almighty, angels, the soul, universal laws, karma, reincarnation, spiritual healing, psychic abilities, the spiritual world, and their interaction with the physical world. And much, much more!

Through this book you will discover the "true secret" -- that you have the divine within you. A must have. 

"The least you can expect from this work is that it will change your life. The most you can expect is that it will totally transform it." - Robert Appel, best-selling author.

"If you ever want to find out why you are here in this world at this very time and much more you have to read this book. Easy explained. Simple words. The best book I ever read." - Harry ( customer review).

Highly recommended by many others on the path to enlightenment!

Paperback. 5.5" x 8.5". 224 pages. Printed in Canada.


Signed by the author.

BONUS: Includes a bonus digital download of a free meditation exercise you can do to increase your natural ability to listen to the God-force within you. mp3 format. 


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