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Mind Mastering (e-book)

Mind Mastering (e-book)

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This booklet was based on a series of popular workshops given by Douglas James Cottrell. Thoughts are real. Thoughts, coupled with emotion, increase in their power. In this booklet, Douglas gives the best strategies to respond to negativity and protect yourself from unwanted influences. He also gives some tips on dealing with your own negative (self-deprecating) thoughts.

Do you find that when you enter a room, your mood immediately changes? Do you get bad feelings or bad vibes from people you just meet? Do you feel as if others are taking away your energy, leaving you feeling exhausted or ill? Do you get unexplained pains in the head, back, or heart? If you are sensitive - especially as you develop your intuition - you may be prone to being influenced by the mental and emotional states of others.

With this booklet, you can learn to master your own mind and protect yourself in your sojourns into the spiritual realms. This book covers a range of topics, including: how to fend off anger and bad thought-forms; how to recognize intrusions through the thought process; how to protect yourself from aura attacks; and what to do when you encounter someone who has been victim to an invasion by mischievous (misguided) entities. There is an entire portion devoted to what Douglas calls "psychic self defence." Practical, easy things you can do when you feel you are picking up negativity. 

By practicing the techniques Douglas teaches you, you will become proficient at fending off negativity, and returning to an uplifted state of mind. This is the only place from which all your creative abilities will blossom (and ultimately flourish). 

Whether you are a novice beginning your own journey, or an expert who has been delving into the spiritual dimensions for years, you will find something new within this booklet.


26 pages.

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