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Law of One (e-book)

Law of One (e-book)

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Find out about the purpose of life and how this Universal Law is guiding your soul to fulfill its ultimate destiny.

Many people understand the Law of One as a philosophy of "doing unto others as you would have done to you." All the great religions of the world have their roots in this concept.

But the Law of One is much more than just an understanding. Like gravity or magnetism, the Law of One is a law of nature, created at the point when all souls were created. Ancient humankind understood the Law of One and it formed the basis of their spiritual practices. As we have evolved through history, we have forgotten the message, but many are awakening now and hearing the call to move to a higher spiritual purpose. 

This e-transcript contains excerpts of several Quantum Meditation™ research sessions by Douglas James Cottrell. Covering such topics as creation, the original sin of separation, humankind's first appearance on Earth, the purpose of life, the tenets of the Law of One, brotherly love, being in harmony, self realization, full realization, and awakening from isolationism to perfection. Learn exactly who and what you are, why you are here, and where you are destined to go! 

Published in 2013 from all new material.

37 pages.

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