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Nouvelle renaissance: une prophétie de 2012 et au-delà (e-book)

Nouvelle renaissance: une prophétie de 2012 et au-delà (e-book)

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French. This full-length book is a prophecy for the future about the coming Earth changes, how to prepare and what lies beyond. Published in March 15, 2012, the information was gathered from the Akashic Records through a series of Quantum Meditation™ research sessions done by Douglas James Cottrell in 2011 and 2012.  

Part 1: The Thread That Connects All Things (Prediction and Prophecy)
Part 2: Renovation (Earth Changes)
Part 3: The Gold Standard (Economic Changes)
Part 4: How To Prepare
Part 5: The Golden Age (The New Renaissance)
Part 6: The Golden Rule (The Law of One)

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