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Clairvoyant Consultation

Clairvoyant Consultation

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Douglas will use his highly-developed clairvoyant skills to advise you on any question you may have regarding your personal or professional life. You may ask questions about your health, career, relationships, love life, stressful situations, past lives and karma, phobias or blocks, dreams and visions, developing yourself spiritually, spiritual encounters and experiences, your own intuitive abilities and gifts, or any aspect about your future probabilities. Please refrain from asking questions regarding the outcome of lotteries, games of chance, treasure hunting, and so on.

This is a highly accurate use of Douglas's intuition, similar to what Douglas does on the radio.

Clairvoyant consultations are available by telephone. Simply arrange to have Douglas call you at a mutually-convenient time. Waiting time: 1-2 weeks. Once you have completed your purchase, a customer service representative will contact you to schedule your appointment.

Extended from 45 minutes to 60 minutes

Note: this is not a Quantum Meditation™ Consultation.

We believe this form of intuitive counselling is of the highest caliber, consistently giving the most accurate and precise information. While Douglas’s intuitive counselling services do not fit every budget, we believe that you get what you pay for. Your consultation is an investment in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health from a very unique source.

Please consider your purchase carefully before you commit to buy, as all sales are final (i.e. no refunds).