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Headache: Causes, Treatment, Prevention (e-book)

Headache: Causes, Treatment, Prevention (e-book)

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Headaches are something that plague just about all of us, yet the mainstream approach to coping with pain involves masking it to inhibit the symptom. The greater cause, therefore, is often left untreated, which allows headaches to return.

In this transcript, medical intuitive Douglas James Cottrell provides a "mind's eye view" of the causes of different types of headaches and migraines, and describes protocols to facilitate healing (focussing on natural remedies and modalities to assist the body in healing itself). Some causes are physical (due to blockages, constrictions, or stresses), while others are emotional. Yet others are spiritual in nature.

"Understand that pain in the body is a warning system. It is an indicator that there is something in this, in the body. Pain in the head [does] not necessarily mean that the problem is in the head. It means the problem is stemming elsewhere, perhaps, in the body, and, as such, is affecting, here, that of the pain. As we have indicated, in these different areas of the brain, it could relate to different portions of the body itself."

The suggestions given in this ebook are simple and easy to follow for virtually anyone. You need not suffer with headaches and migraines any longer! 

11 pages.

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