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Gems of Wisdom (downloadable e-book version)

Gems of Wisdom (downloadable e-book version)

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PDF format.

A book of inspirational quotes from the remarkable Quantum Meditation™ Sessions of Douglas James Cottrell.

Timeless Wisdom to Transform Your Life!

Within the pages of this unprepossessing volume, you will find over three hundred inspirational messages to motivate you to attain peace of mind, love in your heart, and success in your endeavours. These aphorisms were taken from numerous Quantum Meditation™ Consultations by Douglas James Cottrell over the years. Douglas is a spiritual master who teaches people how to connect with their inner power. Follow these simple steps to reach the divine within and you change not only yourself, but the world.

“Douglas looks beyond the veil of mortal existence and unearths acknowledged spiritual truths in a fashion that is truly engaging and inspirational.”

“A must-read for the progressive spiritually minded.” 


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