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Dreams and Visions (e-book)

Dreams and Visions (e-book)

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Learn about dreams, nightmares, visions, prophetic dreams, symbolic dreams, recurring dreams, lucid dreaming, day dreaming, and receive advice on recalling and interpreting your dreams.

"A dream is a series of pictures strung together to bring a train of thought into reality. A vision is usually a single picture or appearance of one who would be considered spirit guide or angel."

Those who can interpret their dreams can master themselves.

"Dreams are the language of the mind, the language of the soul. Any who can interpret the same can be given inspiration directly from God. This is not to be seen as a light talent, but rather, one that is of a natural extension of the God within each of us."

A verbatim transcript of a Quantum Meditation™ research session by Douglas James Cottrell.

19 pages.

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