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The Path To Psychic Development

Psychic development, or the mastery of the spiritual aspects of the soul - to be aware of all things, so to speak -  is, indeed obtainable. But not only does one have to want to do this in the first place, there needs to be a purpose or a reason for doing so.

For example, to those who would seek to understand healing and “dis-ease” in the body  - what our culture calls healers - a clairvoyant-telekinetic ability or a clairsentient ability would greatly assist in their vocation. There lies purpose. There lies reason. Understand these tools of the soul are always at the disposal of any who seek them! A businessman wanting to know the future, or a farmer wanting to know coming weather conditions, having mastered the ability to cast their minds forward in time, would quickly discover such skills produce a better businessman, and also a better farmer.

How to start?

As one might attempt to “climb the mountain” of enlightenment, self-awareness, or to be self-realized (and, ultimately, fully-realized), there is a degree of understanding that must be achieved. But first of all: patience!

Understand that this life is but one breath in the life of the soul. The soul itself lives forever, so there is no need to rush, is there? What is the hurry?

Second of all, know that each of us must climb our own mountain in our own way. There is only one peak, but there are many pathways up that mountain to acquire that peak.

Yet cautions prevail.

Greed, lust, power, dominance, position and  privilege -- all stand in the way of those who would attempt to further their innate spiritual abilities.

Vanity, self-deception and deceit may take root.  And a swelled head.

Understand that as you migrate up that mountain, the path becomes steeper and steeper as you approach the top. As you get nearer and nearer to the top, therefore, if you slip, the slip will cause you to fall greatly - almost back to the beginning again - and that means re-enduring all the same trials and tribulations of ascending that mountain in the first place!

In order to develop the spiritual or psychic abilities that are within, begin simply with the interpretation of dreams or (even better) entering into the deeper states of meditation. Learn to relax the mind and to disassociate the physical world from the mental world. As you learn to master the process of meditation and quell the mind (taming the “monkey mind” if you will), the “elephant mind” may come forth. As this is done,  the asp, the serpent, the “snake-like influences” (i.e., the Kundalini developing through the chakra points or gates) emerge and, in turn, alter the glandular systems so that, over time, one might become all-knowing or all-aware.

But, again, patience. And caution. For there are those influences, those entities and dimensions that may bring mischief, difficulty, or disharmony to the practitioner. Or, if one moves too quickly, there may  be disorientation and contusion. The danger is also that one may come in contact with influences that might attempt to push the novice to do their own bidding or will; rather than the beneficial influences that would be enhancing and beneficial, and would broaden and deepen the mental, intuitive and spiritual abilities.

By going slow, seeking out the proper teachers and assessing always the upward path – seeking always truth, rejecting old inadequacies or old concepts that are no longer truthful -- this allows the migration, the progression, in a healthy way, to the greater understanding of Consciousness.

But knowing all things, knowing how everything works, knowing the secrets of nature is not the pathway to God. Knowing who the self is, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of self, being able to “put the ego in a closet” – this is how you will discover both your greatest friend and your greatest enemy.

Having the willingness to face that enemy and overcome the inadequacies within, this does take great strength, great dedication, great humility and, of course, it develops great awareness and closeness to the God-head itself. Work silently and understand that those who get the credit usually do not get the reward. Those who move forward quietly, humbly, assisting wherever they can, automatically develop the intuitive abilities within.

The bottom line: in order to be a better intuitive individual, become a better person. Learn humility and forgiveness, tolerance and understanding. Then you can also see within yourself those same inadequacies, and you can apply the same understandings to yourself. Along the way, practice daily meditation. Enter the “holy of holies,” enter meditation, and discover who and what you really are.

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