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"The Cosmic Shove" by Paul Zuromski, Body Mind Spirit, c. 1988

This article originally appeared in Body Mind Spirit magazine (USA), c. 1988

Doug Cottrell’s daughter Sherry [sic] was born with multiple physical and mental difficulties. Like any concerned parent, he searched for answers – some hope that he could find help for his daughter. Conventional medicine’s answer was putting her in an institution.

At the time, Cottrell didn’t believe in intuitive-type people. In fact, he admits, he was a rather nasty skeptic. “I wasn’t kind with my comments about psychics,” he admits.

Then he met Hans Peters, a clairvoiant [sic]. Cottrell and his wife were dreading the prospect of Sherry being institutionalized. In desperation, Cottrell consulted with Peters, who gave them information and insight that help them keep Sherry home and to assist in greatly improving her condition.

No longer did Cottrell thumb his nose at psychics. He began working as one. He studied the work of Edgar Cayce and began to learn how to do trance channeling. At first he did light trances, meaning he was fully aware of what was going on. As he kept working at giving trance readings, he went deeper and deeper. Today, he says her remebers [sic] little or nothing of what goes on or what is said during a reading. “It’s like a faraway dream,” he explains, “people usually have to tell me what I said.”

Deep Trance Meditation - Channel
I experienced Cottrell in trance and my observation was that he learned his lessons from Cayce very well. Like Caye, [sic] he lays down while he works and a conductor who directs the session. Usually it’s his wife, Karen.

His channeling voice is monotone and very businesslike. You won’t get long, rambling discourses when you ask a question, you get an answer. Period. In order to “read” someone, the conductor repeats the person’s name and their street address. Cottrell replies, “we have this one…” and the questioning begins.

Cottrell does many health readings. According to the people at this particular session who had prior experience with his work, his physical readings are very accurate. Timing of events can be a problem, they say, but this is the case with any information coming from beyond this Earth plane where there is no time or space.

Since I was hard at work on The New Age Catalog at the time of this session, I asked about the prospects of its success. Cottrell replied that it would be and proceeded to describe different stages in its publication process and was absolutely accurate in regard to its timing. He predicted success. We’ll see.

Cottrell says he channels his “soul mind” or “higher self” during his sessions. He stresses that anyone can do this.

He’s an excellent channel and he became that way through sheer determination. This is an example of a mildly intuitive and skeptical individual getting a “cosmic kick in the pants” – in his case, the disabilities suffered by his daughter. The result was a decision to make his trance work his life’s pathway.

I find many people get a “cosmic shove” and go on to do things like Cottrell did. But know that you can do it without experiencing a life crisis. Recognize your innate abilities. Give yourself a friendly nudge and open up to your wonderful potential.

Doug Cottrell did, and his life is much richer for it.

And so is ours.

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