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Spiritual Abilities: The Creative Essence of Your Soul

It has often been said that humankind was made in God’s own image. What this refers to is the soul. The nature of the soul is such that it can create. Now it may choose to create positively or negatively (it can make life, or it can destroy it), but it is still an act of creation. All that you witness in the physical world is a demonstration of this higher level of mind; this aspect of creation itself. The ultimate demonstration of the creative force within is the ability to bring life to another (i.e. to procreate). Therefore, as a procreator, the soul is God-like.

Spiritual abilities (or gifts) are demonstrations of the creative essence of your soul. These include the ability to perceive in advance things that have yet to take place. This can be demonstrated by premonition, precognition, prediction, and prophecy. Everyone has had such an experience to a certain degree. It may be a feeling that something was going to happen before it did, a dream of an event prior to its taking place, or a “just knowing” in advance that an event was going to occur. 

The abilities to foresee, foretell, be aware of, or understand some circumstance in advance demonstrate the creative force of your soul-mind in line with your conscious mind. The recognition of this additional/extrasensory information comes from the willingness of your Low Self to accept guidance from your High Self. Unfortunately the intellect of the rational Low Self often gets in the way of the message clearly coming through. This is why it is often necessary to distract the mind to get the intellect to accept that what is being perceived is true and reliable information. Dreams are the easiest way to accomplish this. 

When put into a state of deep relaxation, the body may be put on hold, as if you were outside of yourself. You are able to take on information and bring this back for use in some practical application. During sleep states, for instance, your mind reaches out beyond your physical body. It has the ability to visit higher planes of learning or understanding, in order to bring back into the physical world some bit of information you need. Like gathering ingredients for a certain recipe, your soul sojourns to higher planes for whatever it needs: a solution to some problem, an answer to a question, or some direction for action (and you may train your mind in meditation to accomplish the same thing). Has it not been said that nothing in the world has happened, without first being dreamed?

Another spiritual ability is inventiveness. This demonstrates the ability of the soul to tap into certain levels of consciousness and bring back information. It may occur in an instant; such as someone contemplating a problem. It may be that someone who is visionary sees a vision or has an outline in the mind’s eye. It may even be a prophetic mind seeking information in a vision, dream, or state of meditation. All are demonstrations of this ability. This also includes people who have a feeler type of mind. They do not rely on their visionary skills to know whether something is right or wrong. They feel it. They experience a sensation of heat, or cold in their solar plexus, shins, legs, palms, head, or some other part of the body. All of these are demonstrations of the same ability.

You may learn to extend your senses through the human energy field (aura) for the purposes of gathering information (through dowsing, for instance) or for spiritual healing. Those who are more adept could use this to dowse out conditions of illness within a body. 

All of these are demonstrations of what is already evident in your soul. However, as you learn to reach out beyond the physical world, caution must be exercised. Everyone could benefit from having a skilled instructor or guide.

Some people practice their spiritual abilities more than others, and therefore they become better at expressing them. Understand this as a language: the language of the soul. Pictures and symbols are the language. Learning what the pictures mean allows you to become better suited or acquainted with your spiritual abilities. Telepathy and telekinesis are good examples of this. With practice, an individual may become much better as a telepath, sending or receiving thoughts (or sometimes both). They may even become better able to control physical matter (i.e. telekinesis). Largely it is a question of valuing your own abilities, as opposed to someone else’s. 

But if there is a desire to develop your intuition, it is not a matter of learning it, but a matter of recalling it. It is a matter of getting yourself out of the way, by eliminating thoughts of disbelief, and the feelings of wonder and excitement that something extra-special or extraordinary is happening. If there can be a detached, non-emotional state during these times, then you may more fully experience communication at this level. Your intuition, therefore, would become more accurate. As in life, it is largely your emotional responses that prevent you from moving forward. Try to perpetuate an emotional state of detached optimism. Look for the ability, but be calm and unemotional. Don’t let your own emotions get in your way. Emotions and intellect are the enemies of intuition.

All examples of spiritual gifts and gathering extra information — from visiting other dimensions, to speaking with angels, to witnessing the shape and colour of an aura — are only what you already understand, know, and have used in previous experiences (or life-times). Learning to forgive others, learning not to be judgmental, and learning not to be necessarily right all the time are precursors to the demonstration (or advancement) of these abilities in you. A soul is quite a cautious thing. As each soul advances in its own personal sojourn to touch upon the face of God, once again, and become enveloped in the ever-present moment and sense of great love, it advances quietly and slowly. In this regard, when you touch upon the face of God, or you communicate with your High Self, you become a creator in a positive sense, and you bring more light into the world. In essence, if what you gather is not helpful, or if it does not perform some service or purpose and is merely entertaining, it is useless. It is the application of how each of us relates to one other that is important. In this way, it is a demonstration of tolerance and acceptance, and thus, brings us closer to God.

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