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Poverty Thinking and Prosperity Consciousness 

Think about this statement: “All I want is enough to get by on, no more, no less.” Can you tell me why this statement is one of the most selfish and limiting statements one could make?

This is a simple statement, yet it holds within it all of the basic concepts that can and do hold you back from prosperity. This rather innocent statement may sound acceptable to the New Age seeker, but on closer examination, there are many pitfalls held within this attitude.

Giving and being of service requires something. You simply have to have something to give, in order to help. You can’t give fruit from an empty basket. You can only give from abundance. If you wish to be of service to mankind, then pray for prosperity, pray for the abundance that is your inheritance.

Let’s look at Mr. X who simply doesn’t want any more than enough to get by on. Since he is thinking only of himself, could he help someone in need? How could he? He wouldn’t have anything to give. Poverty thinking does not allow for the unforeseen future need. If one is constantly looking out only for oneself, it limits one from receiving any “extra” from God’s world of abundance. It limits the experience of the joy of giving and contributing to the world.

Let’s say Mr. X is crossing a desert. He has just enough water to get by on, no more, no less. Suddenly he comes upon a man who has been beaten and robbed of all his food and water. The man will surely die. What can Mr. X do? If he gives him water, then Mr. X will surely die. If he doesn’t, then the man will die.

The following is an excerpt from a Clairvoyant Channeled Reading I did some time ago (85-151):

Question: How can we best help others in this time?

If there are those who wish to be helpful, then they can encourage others to increase their wealth. For, only through gain can one truly give in abundance. Otherwise, if they give from just enough, they become in want. For those who wish to give to others, allow them to store up sufficient amounts of wealth, in order that they may give to that one whom they would judge worthy to receive, who will not waste.

The following excerpt from another Clairvoyant Channeled Reading (82-146) explains in part how to handle your prosperity:

Question: Why are some blessed with abundances, seemingly without effort, while others with great effort are seemingly cursed with a lack of abundance?

This is a question that can be considered from several points of view. But understand that there are certain attitudes or plateaus that should be considered here. Let us take the analogy that if you work hard, you will some day succeed. Hard work means success. Is this true? Not necessarily. Look at the farmer or labourer who toils all day, but never achieves wealth. Then let us look at the one who sits at a desk, picks up a telephone, shouts an order here, and a few minutes later, shouts an order there, and in those few minutes he has made a small fortune. Is this fair? For he has not laboured hard, but he has made great wealth. Why? It is the amount of responsibility or risk that is taken. The one who made a great fortune in a few minutes had, in that few minutes, risked all he owned to make that great profit, while the farmer risked part of what he owned—the money for seeds, the money for livestock, or the money for building—step by step, while time passes by. It is, therefore, not necessary to labour hard. It is necessary to take responsibility; and the more responsibility you take, the greater the opportunities for success.

One who has, in his own mind, a need for a million dollars, knowing he will apply seventy-five percent towards the startup costs for a large manufacturing plant, ten percent towards advertising, five percent towards cash reserves, and the remainder as cash on hand, will get it. He needs the million. He will make more money, for he will be of greater service to others.

Instead of asking for just enough to get by on, no more, no less, let your prayer be for abundance in all things. Be wise enough to know when your prayer is being answered (or an opportunity is being given you) and then have the faith to make a commitment and follow it through. Let me assure you, as you wisely share all your wealth and all your love, you will gain more than you ever dreamed possible.

This article originally appeared in Body, Mind & Spirit magazine, March/April 1988

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