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"Man With X-Ray Eyes Solves People’s Health Problems from Thousands of Miles Away" by Cynthia Leggett

This article originally appeared in the National Examiner magazine (USA), April 18, 1989

A man with X-ray eyes has the amazing ability to diagnose and treat people’s health problems – even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Douglas James Cottrell says he can actually see the state of someone’s health by focussing his mind on that person, whether they’re in the same room or halfway around the world.

The clairvoyant from London, Ontario, Canada, puts himself in a trance and uses his extraordinary mental power of X-ray vision to view the person’s internal organs on a “screen” in his mind.

In this way, Cottrell – who has been called the modern-day Edgar Cayce – can identify health problems and recommend treatment.

What’s more, he has been highly successful in teaching others how to develop their own X-ray vision.

Cottrell tells the EXAMINER: “I enter into a deep mediation state by slowing down my respiration and heartbeat. When the body and conscious mind are asleep, the soul-mind or divine intelligence emerges to provide answers to my questions put to me while in trance.

“For example, a pale, spongy, rather sad heart organ might appear on my inner screen. This would indicate a weak heart. If blood is spilling out, this will reveal leaking heart valves.

“A woman who consulted me had been plagued by severe headaches for years and doctors were unable to find a cure. I entered into a trance and immediately saw her pelvic bones had a slight twist which caused additional stress on her spinal cord, thus causing the headaches at the base of her skull.

“After her doctor realigned her pelvic bones, her headaches completely disappeared.”

Not surprisingly, doctors, psychologists, and psychic researchers have been astounded by Cottrell’s uncanny X-ray vision.

Says chiropractor Mike Bodnar: “After I do a physical and neurological examination with X-rays, I compare my findings with Doug’s trance reading and have found him to be 95% accurate.”

Interestingly, Cottrell discovered his awesome talents some 17 years ago when he and his wife and partner, karen, were searching for help for their daughter, Cheri, who was born with multiple handicaps.

Since then, the husband-and-wife team have worked together to provide help for the hundreds of people who contact them by mail or in person each year. They also teach others how to develop their own psychic gifts.

As Cottrell explains: “We teach people how to listen to their soul-mind to find their answers within.”

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