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Lifting the Veil of Depression

When you look out a window, do you see the beauty of the garden in the distance, or do you see a speck of dirt and grime on the glass?

Sometimes, it is difficulty for us to look beyond the mire of the everyday world and see beauty. When someone is depressed, it is as if a shadow has been cast over them. How do you vanquish the shadow and lift the veil of depression? The emotion of enthusiasm is, indeed, the tonic, for once you have acquired enthusiasm, you will have already acquired an action or activity that will brighten your life. As someone once told me, the academic way is not the way to enlightenment.  Also the way of retreating is not the way to enlightenment. Some retreat to monasteries and ashrams, and others retreat within themselves away from the world. The spiritual path is to be in the world, yet not to be consumed by the worldly experiences and trappings.

You are important to God and to yourself. You need not be meaningful or important to anyone else, save your family and friends who, likewise, are of the same spiritual persuasion. Depression is a shadow. Getting out from under it is done simply: by doing something that does not allow it to grow over you. When you begin to feel blue, begin to move. Even if you walk on the spot, or pivot to the left in circles, your body will change and you will accept new energies from all around. Indeed, having awards and material possessions does not make anyone happy. Happiness is the ned result of doing something that, of course, makes you feel happy. Happiness is lie heat that comes from a fire, after the fire has been built and ignited. Happiness is the end result 

You are talented, healthy, and have had the privilege to know how to seek God. You need little else. But, indeed, you may think you do. The world is filed with selfish people. You must walk among them and deal with them. You must love them and care for them, as you would yourself, but you need not surrender to them. Each day, your challenge is to help someone in some small way.

Don't worry about the world, and don’t try to fix it. That’s God’s job. Be of the world and find goodness in it. Look for the diamonds that are all around. The world has its own consciousness, and can take care of itself. All you need to do is amuse yourself and learn how things work. 

People will change for the better, but they must first realize that they are in the dark, and seek the light. Just because you are a little ahead of them, doesn’t mean you should prevent them their struggle to find the light themselves. Rejoice when they see the light of God, and like you, wish to be better in body, mind, and soul. Meanwhile, you should look for things that impress you, entertain you, enlighten you, and remind you that there are many things you still do not know. But they await your discovery. You must find them. They await you.


  • In a rut which I did not see coming. Acknowledge that God loves me yet I see little future for myself. I am keen to pass over even if it means having to go through this crap all over again. I see no point ion expressing myself verbally other than this written note.

  • Very nice.


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