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"Douglas James Cottrell: Man With X-Ray Vision" by Mado Martinez

This article originally appeared in Más Allá magazine, Spain, October 2014. Translated from Spanish to English.

Douglas James Cottrell is the fourth and last Sleeping Prophet, a man endowed with extraordinary extrasensory powers that he uses mainly to ascertain the causes of the disease of the people and to make readings of clairvoyance and prophecy around the most diverse questions, from the scope of Finances, to emotions. Travel the world helping people. And he says we can all do what he does, because we all have the power to develop our psychic abilities. The key is meditation in deep trance.

They say that it is the fourth and last Sleeping Prophet because all the great visionaries of the twentieth century who could take their mind out of the body to recognize a patient who was by their side or thousands of miles away died, except for Douglas James Cottrell. As if gifted with the power of X-ray vision, this Canadian is able to detect physical disorders with great sharpness. Just sitting down and talking to him tried to guess what my medical problems were ... and he was right. Curiosity pushed me to ask a thousand questions, to challenge him, not only with questions about my health, but with all those related to my present and my immediate future ... and hit again.
Douglas James Cottrell says that he can not only diagnose diseases but also carry out healing therapy by laying hands or sending healing energies; Which is able to predict the future or make prophecies around finances and other miscellaneous topics. And the truth is that people who have been treated by him ensure that they have even come to feel how they "moved" the bones inside; Some have even collapsed when he touched them.

Douglas James Cottrell was not always what he is today. During the interview I had with him, he told me that he would never have considered training himself to enter into a deep trance of meditation, except for one circumstance that occurred when he was a young father, with a small daughter whom he did not resign himself to see die.
All the doctors had sentenced her, but he, like any father, clung to all the burning nails, both had and had. At that time he was a journalist, and he worked at the Toronto Star. One day a co-worker gave him a book about Edgar Cayce and the abilities of this prophet with extraordinary powers. It seemed to Douglas that there might be some truth in it, so he set out to find people who might have a skill like that of Cayce. I needed your help to heal your daughter.

That search led him to Ross Peterson. He telephoned him, and to his surprise, thousands of miles away, Peterson was able to recite the medical history of his daughter without knowing anything. He explained the causes of the problem and what he could do to help her. Contrary to the opinion of his friends, Douglas did what Peterson had recommended and the little one began to improve remarkably.

What happened next is that this impressed father told Peterson that if what he had done with his daughter could be learned, he wanted to do it, because if it was to help a single child in the world, the effort would have been worth it. This was how he gave himself the task of training for years, with four hours of deep meditation daily, until he became the man who, forty years later, is today. He currently travels around the world, lectures, writes books and offers his services to anyone who needs it.

As Douglas told us, it is not really he who heals people, but the "divine energy," of which he is considered a mere intermediary, but not the healing agent. Anyone can safely do the same by simply practicing or training for it conscientiously. In fact, Douglas Cottrell is looking for a successor who is able to develop the skills that he has achieved over the years through the intensive practice of deep meditation. Aware of my interest in continuing to investigate their skills, we agreed to meet in Spain. So we did. Some centers, upon learning that "the man with X-ray vision", as they call it, would be in Spain, organized events with him. I was allowed, exclusively, to participate in its activities and to be a front-line witness. I had access to the people who were there, to their testimonies and personal experiences. Some fell to the ground, others noticed a great heat or described "spurts of energy", tickling and even the movement of bones inside.

Most impressive of all, it was perhaps that, while Douglas was in Spain, he received a call from one of his radio colleagues, Richard Syrett, to tell him that another colleague, George, had stomach cancer. Richard asked Douglas to send healing prayers to George and to treat him as soon as he returned to Canada. Douglas sent him the prayers of healing and energy from Spain. Days later, Richard had fantastic news: George's stomach cancer was gone. In fact, they made a radio program exclusively dedicated to this event.

But it was not the first time Douglas had been involved in cases of "miraculous" healing, because as he himself confessed to us, throughout his career, through his therapy, there have been people who even managed to conquer a brain tumor. Douglas James Cottrell admits to having eliminated tumors instantly by the imposition of hands. In Toronto, during a promotional event for The Secrets of Life, one of her books, she was approached by a girl who was in a wheelchair with two friends. He was laying his hands on all the people who were coming to buy his book, and some of them fell at the touch of his hand. With a dozen "fallen" on the ground, the girl in the wheelchair asked him to lay hands on her as well. He got up from the chair, Douglas put his hands on his head and the young woman collapsed. "He said 'something has come out of my head' and of course, I was very worried about that feeling I had had that something had gone out of his head. What I discovered later was that what had come out was a tumor, "says Douglas.

In the course of our report, we gathered the testimony of some people who agreed to share their experiences with MÁS ALLÁ. This is the case of Montse Diaz Romero, who has two herniated discs that usually produce severe pain. "We were in a group session. Douglas asked us to raise our hands; I noticed a lot of energy in them, and I began to feel the same cold as heat. I have two herniated discs and at that time I had constant back pain. " Montse watched as the people who were taking part in the session collapsed as Douglas played them. "I felt the energy bubble in my hands. When he touched me and put my hands on the top of my back, I felt very comfortable. The pain got out of hand. I have been painless for almost a year. "

Eleven months later, upon learning that Douglas was back in Spain, Montse came back to him. This time I noticed "three discharges of energy bubbling through my body and, when I was on the floor, I felt happy and very comfortable. It's been eight days and I still feel happy, "he explains.

Cuban-born singer-songwriter José Antonio Quesada, currently residing in Miami (USA), also wanted to share his experience with us. He had met Douglas in Spain and had no medical problems, but a special curiosity and curiosity. He attended a group session in which there were a hundred people. "When it was my turn, I noticed that there were people prepared behind me to receive my body in case I fainted. Breath deeply. I relaxed a lot more than I already was, and Douglas inspires peace even if he's many meters away. At that moment I no longer saw the healer, but I did notice his presence to my right, in the silent touch of the shirt, while raising his hands to my head. It was then that I entered the country of subtleties after passing a very thin border. Until then I had mistakenly imagined that his energy, or whatever, came out of the palm of my hands, perhaps influenced by my previous experience as a reiki channeler. However, "Quesada goes on," what he felt on his skin were ten fine cylinders of light blue-gray light, perfectly defined from his fingers. I could see the colors in the most complete darkness, although in reality these colors are not seen, rather they feel, because the physical eyes do not intervene at all in such processes. The session lasted only a couple of minutes, but it seemed longer. I felt the skull open without pain, and a kind of fresh air lifted the brain from the inner walls, as if my bones were rubber. Then began a cycle of slight pulls from the front. I did not fall, I did not faint, I did not feel bad despite being in an altered state of consciousness. It was a kind of strange, invasive and at the same time familiar, like a timeless reunion with something I had lost, I do not know where, and a stranger put him back on the spot. "

Salud Martínez suffered from incapacitating migraines and epileptic absences. At the hospital he had been given all sorts of tests, TACs, electroencephalograms, resonances, etc. He had visited several neurologists trying to solve his problem. Only one had managed to find the cause. The key was in the blood supply.

Some time later, Salud Martínez was able to hold a private session with Douglas Cottrell. I was present myself. The Canadian told him that his problems were due to a malfunction of the blood supply in the brain. "They did a lot of tests in the hospital, I visited different neurologists. It took me a few years to find a medical specialist who told me that my problem was a poorly functioning blood supply, and suddenly this man, without being a doctor, did not give me any physical examination, just looking at me. Said exactly the same thing. And it was true, because only the medication for the blood supply has managed to take away the daily migraines that I suffer, because when I do not take it, they return. " Health Martinez drew attention to other small details concerning other issues: "He told me, for example, that he was not afraid to drink salt. But how did he know that I avoided salt? " Douglas Cottrell performed a therapeutic hand placement on different areas of the body. What did he feel? "I could feel it perfectly like I was moving a bone or something when it touched my lower back. In general, while I was doing the therapy, I felt immense heat invading me and my body vibrating. " Douglas also gave him some advice on a personal level: "He advised me to take a particular position with my hands under certain circumstances, and you do not know how well I've come. It works".

Parallel lives
Douglas James Cottrell is known as the successor to Edgar Cayce (below), but who was Edgar Cayce? Known as the Sleeping Prophet, he was one of the most acclaimed psychics in the United States, who was credited with extraordinary abilities of clairvoyance and sensory perception. As Cottrell does today, Cayce went into a deep trance during which he performed "readings", which were nothing more than answers to questions people asked about various topics, whether personal or general. Considered the father of holistic medicine, Cayce, like Douglas, appeared to be endowed with a mysterious x-ray vision that allowed him to "see beyond" the disease. Edgar Cayce was part of a Christian religious organization called the Disciples of Christ and Douglas James Cottrell is Reverend and does not hide his close relationship with the Christian religion.

The awakening of extrasensory abilities Douglas James Cottrell is convinced that we are all born with psychic abilities and we can all develop them. But how? The first step in achieving this is to practice meditation in deep trance, a method used by sleeping prophets like Edgar Cayce, and through which one can presumably inquire about the state of health of people. This meditative practice makes it possible for our extrasensory abilities to awaken. The first psychic ability to awaken, Douglas explains, is telepathy, followed by dreams and visions that reveal information about the future. In addition, according to Douglas, during sleep we all enter into a state of deep trance from which can be connected with higher dimensions where are the records of information that we may need. To enter into a state of meditation in deep trance, one must, as it were, fall asleep, being conscious or, that is, accessing a higher level of consciousness.

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