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"Doomsday Looms, Soothsayers Warn" by Licia Corbella

This article originally appeared in the Toronto (Canada) Sun, December 30, 1989

The 1990s will be a decade of cures and catastrophes, if Ontario psychics are any judge.

Internationally-known psychic and palmist Anthony Carr of Toronto said he has seen vivid visions of “complete planetary upheaval – geologically, socially, religiously and morally.”

Carr, 46, who foretold the deaths of Pope John Paul I and Princess Grace as well a the Falkland Islands War and the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State, says “devastating earthquakes will split the foot of the Rockies,” the West Coast of Canada and the States.

And, he says, “London Bridge is falling down” in his dreams.

Some of Carr’s more vivid visions for the coming decade are:

- A recession will force creation of a new currency.
- Canada’s government will topple before the end of its mandate.
- The next general election will see the demise of the NDP.
- Prime Minister Brian Mulroney will be in danger of being assassinated.
- Disgraced sprinter Ben Johnson will be restored to a place of honor.
- The career of world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson will come to a tragic end.
- Violence surrounds comedian Eddie Murphy.
- Raging fires around the White House in Washington, D.C.
- The Eiffel Tower in Paris will be bombed.
- A cure or the complete arrest of the AIDS virus will occur within 18 months.

Ann Toth, an astrologer from Ridgeway, near Niagara Falls, says:

-The federal government will lose a vote of non-confidence over the GST.
- The U.S. will invade other Central American countries.
- Another accident as bad as the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union will happen in North America
- Brian Mulroney will suffer a personal tragedy.
- And recently freed Eastern European countries will form an alliance, spurred on by Poland’s Lech Walesa.

Deep-trance clairvoyant Douglas James Cottrell of London had vivid dreams of:

- A massive stock market crash early in the decade.
- Gold and oil prices will soar.
- Housing prices will continue to slide, so don’t buy a house until 1995.
- 1992 will be a difficult year, with great fluctuations in commodity prices.
- Mila Mulroney will have another baby.
- Jean Cretien will become the leader of the Liberal party and will win the next federal election.

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