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Compassion - The Lesson For These Challenging Times 

When you look around, it seems as if humankind is spiralling into disaster. There is an attitude of selfishness, self-aggrandizement, and hoarding over the hearts and minds of others. There are war-like minds and hearts that do not care, save for their own benefit. There are individuals who are prospering by taking countries apart and destroying them, as if they were companies or corporations. 

This time (which seers such as Edgar Cayce, Ross Peterson and myself have called “a teaching or testing time”) is a time of great change. The world’s oceans are heating up. Weather patterns have shifted. In the months and years ahead, volcanic and earthquake activity will increase which will alter the face of the world forever. As some have observed, this will not be a time of cool heads, warm hearts and companionship, but rather, adversity, panic, and crisis. It will be a time of destruction and despair. Many will cry out in the night. 

However, for those of us who have chosen to be on the spiritual path, there will not be any fear. We have the faith that the destiny of the world is unfolding as it should. We have read the prophecies about the future. We have had visions and dreams guiding us. This time will test all of us and the beliefs we claim to hold dear. In the face of the greatest adversity, we will all be tested to take action that is in line with our beliefs. Those of us who seek to be on the path to enlightenment choose not to harm as a consequence of our actions. We consider what we think, what we say, and what we do, in terms of how it will impact upon another. The opportunity that this teaching or testing time presents is for each of us to learn to have sober thoughts, clarity of actions, and a softening and weakening of the ego and our animal aspects, even in the face of great woe. 

What am I referring to? Compassion. Companionship. Cooperation. A brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind. The Christ consciousness.

I teach that what would aid the entire planet considerably is the compassion from within. If each individual would consider that when we do something, it affects another person in some way, then we will make different choices. There are consequences to actions. There are reactions to every action. If individuals, in taking action, take into consideration the consequences of others, and avoid harmful consequences, then we are on the right track. If we know that the consequences are going to be harmful, painful, or difficult, and we do them anyway, then truly humankind is slipping into the darkness of the abyss! Let your attitude be one of compassion and consideration for others who may benefit (or suffer) from your actions.

Unconditional love is the answer. Love can be generated first towards your self, then towards your friends and loved ones, then to a neighbour, and beyond. Even those who have caused you difficulty can receive a blessing from you! This takes patience, understanding and spiritual maturity. Choose not to strike back when those who are spiritually immature affront you. Choose the better way.

Within each of us is the Divine spark. It prompts us all the time to make constructive choices and to help, rather than hurt. It is the still, small voice within that suggests we hold back so that another may go first. It is the feeling in the chest when we see someone else suffering in pain. Consider the consequences of your actions and then have the discipline not to take action that causes adverse consequences. This, indeed, is enlightenment! This, indeed, is love. This, indeed, is the way, for love is God, and God is love.

Love always finds a way. But make no mistake: the world is in for a change. It is the destiny that the planet’s face will change. But think of it as this: as there is change, as there is hardship, those who are spiritually mature, do we not reach out? Do we not bring aid to those who are suffering? We do so with the intention to save life and reduce human suffering, without judgment, without demand for compensation, and certainly without demand to rule the land of those who are less fortunate! The choice is for each of us to make daily. 

This is a time in which there will be the advancement to the Divine. At this point in time, many have come into the world to be of service. They wish to be here to see this birthing process. Remember, this is a time like a birth: great difficulty, great travail, great pain. But as soon as the delivery is concluded, there is relief. Those things that are painful are forgotten, and those things that are beautiful are embraced. There have been many souls who long ago prayed to be here at this time. We are on the verge of a new beginning, that humanity might be able to direct, keep on course, or put on track those philosophies, those understandings and those behaviours that will lead us all to be in accord with what is right or correct. Be a way-shower. Share your knowledge, insight and understanding. Help those who are suffering. Help the human race back to the point where there would be compassion, understanding, and care for all. 

This is a special time. At no other time in history has there been such availability for instant communications about the planet, for nations to help nations, for countries to divert resources or assets from one place to another -- not to take advantage, but to help, because it is the right thing to do. Many have come to this realization already. They wish to be here at this time in which the world will wobble and shake its way back to what it once was: a time in which there was communion between humans, Nature, the heavens or dimensions above and the Divine. Know that your soul has chosen to be here for its own spiritual development. You are being tested every day to overcome the inadequacies of your personality, to avoid temptations, and to enhance your understanding so that you may evolve to a fully-realized spiritual being in the physical flesh. To be a Christ yourself!


  • Here is an answer for Jeanne. “Consistently expessing gratitude and honor, first, invites Divine guidance and organizing influence.” In my experience, the Divine knows everything. (I try not to be too curious because reality always proves too complex to figure out.) Anyway, you won’t have to plan it out. As the doors open, follow, since God honors trust. Or in the beginning you could ask God to stop you, or push you through the doors, since that works too. Let me reverse the above to help explain this with contrast. The opposite is also true. Expressing hate and contempt, or even dwelling on egotistic superiority, invites the devil into one’s mind, and performing evil acts actually produces a short lived burst of pleasure, causing addiction to destructiveness. And this results in what looks like shortsightedness or extremely poor thinking. People stuck in this are completely lost. What seems right to them, is wrong. In this society and sometimes even in religion, we have the blind leading the blind. But back to what I started out saying. Start your day with a 15 minute meeting with God. Write on a piece of paper a list of things you are grateful for. Read it out loud. Besides being a creative process that brings bounty, gratitude also nourishes your life. Most important, remember who God is. God hears and responds, because the whole universe from the beginning of time to the end is within It’s mind. It is also a good idea to deliberately forgive others, since Jesus advised doing this in the verse immediately following the Lord’s Prayer in the Bible. (Mathew 6.) I encourage you to thoroughly test this. Help is always closer than you can think.
    Lastly, I think the world of Mr. Cottrell and his teachings.

  • I hear your warnings and share your fears but am frozen by uncertainty on plan forward.

  • I couldn’t agree more compassion .meditation .the Christ within us all :-)


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