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Angel Messages

Something I have done many times at spiritualist churches and on the radio is to give "angel messages," when someone asks about a person who has passed to the heavenly dimensions above. If you believe you have a soul that what I’m about to say will make sense. If you don’t believe you have a soul that lives forever, then there is no reason to read further. For if you believe you have a divine soul and that divine soul enters a body at its own discretion, and for its own purposes, then you ought to automatically believe in a pre-existence from which the soul departed to arrive in our Earthly world. It follows that you would also automatically believe at physical death the soul returns from whence it came, into the post-existence. Consequently the pre-existence and post-existence must be coexisting in the same place.

You could call this place heaven or the great beyond or the cosmos if you like. It really doesn’t matter. The soul resides in this place, in-between lifetimes. In these heavenly dimensions the soul by its own free will and free choice decides when and where it is going to reincarnate. It also means that the soul cares about those who are left behind and may watch over them like an angel. Think of it. When you pass away would you not want to watch over your family and help them if you could? Of course you would. And that’s why discarnate souls allow themselves to be seen in ways that friends and family can relate to. Intuitively, when I see a person who is discarnate (having no material body or form) I am observing their soul. When I intuitively look for information from a person who is incarnate (having a physical body or form) I am communicating with their high mind or soul mind. You see, there is really no difference whether a person is in this world or the next… at the soul level they are the same consciousness.

The consciousness of the soul is alive for eternity. When I intuitively see a discarnate person, I am seeing them as they used to be in the world. I believe they allow me to see them in a way that their friends and family will immediately recognize. They sometimes make a gesture or hold something in their hand. In pantomime, they give me messages that I can interpret. One Sunday at a Many Mansions Spiritual Centre service, one departed soul appeared in a long coat with his left hand held close to his body, as if hiding something. A man in the audience said that this was his grandfather. I asked why grandfather would be holding his hand in such a manner. The man said, “when grandfather was alive and people came to visit, he would cradle his pipe in his left hand at arm’s length so as to politely hide the pipe.”

Another soul appeared with his arm stretched out behind him, as if he was going to roll something on the ground. A lady said it was her father who liked to bowl. "It was his favorite sport," she said with a tear in her eye.

Another soul appeared as if high up in a truck, looking down on his friend in the audience. He stretched out his fingers and gave the man a short wave of his right hand- twice. I thought for a moment, as this was a curious behavior. I then realized he was giving his friend a “high five.” "Just like him," the friend said.

These appearances of departed souls confirms that we have angels who care about us, watching over us...all the time.  Remember they "live" in a timeless world. Communications such as these at Sunday services gives the souls in the afterlife an opportunity to let their relatives and friends know they are “alive” and "well." Angels can be divine beings, but they can also be comforters, Moms and Dads, Granddads and Grandmoms, all who watch over us in the heavenly dimensions above.

Remember to say your prayers and acknowledge them...they still love you.

We never die…. we just change addresses.

Douglas James Cottrell

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