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A Spiritual Person in Challenging Times

It was Edgar Cayce who predicted that, in the future, the world would go through great upheavals, as part of our spiritual growth. He predicted changes in the economy, the politics, and the weather—the so-called Earth Changes that would be so great, that the face of the future Earth would be unrecognizable from its present state. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is clear that we have already entered this phase. We have come into a time when chaos and fear are rampant. It is a time of extremes, disparity and division, like never before. Aided by our instant communication technologies, people have become less tolerant, less civilized, and more quick to judge than ever before.
For people on the spiritual path, the question we must ask ourselves is: what can we do to help, during this time of extremes? 
May I suggest: first, resist getting caught up in the chaos of extreme thinking, and forgetting your spiritual beliefs and truths. Stay true to your spiritual beliefs (this may be a test) of being compassionate, putting limits on desires, and being fair-minded, when it comes to interacting with other people. Practice the Golden Rule of doing to others what you would have done to you.
Avoid vexatious, mean, and hateful people. Come together with like-minded people to help you keep your peace, enthusiasm, and optimism in this time of chaos. Don’t be afraid of controversy, or people who do not believe as you may believe. Look for the truth in what is going on around you. Remember your spiritual awareness includes finding out what to do (and believe), through your dreams and meditations. 
Remember that from your fingertips forward, you have no control over the world. From your fingertips backward, you have complete control over the world. Do the things you know are right, that are within your control, and don’t allow yourself to be provoked into anger, intolerance, or prejudice, or to be too quick to judge. Ask: “Am I helping or hurting?”
For those things beyond your fingertips, be an example of peace and demonstrate what you know to be helpful. The way out of this is to help each other, one person at a time. Be prudent. Don’t put yourself in jeopardy, but, whenever possible, help the unfortunate, the needy, the old, and the weak.
In order to sustain your faith, I’d like you to pay attention to what I call “instant karma.” Accept the spiritual truth that there are no injustices in the Universe. Each of us receives exactly what we give forth. Understanding this divine principle will help you do the right thing and avoid falling into the darkness of indifference. 
Pay attention to people in the public eye who make outrageous claims and false charges against others. In what might be considered “karmic lightning speed,” the accusations and charges they made falsely of others come right back to them and they go through the exact circumstances they have verbalized against others. Indeed, words have power, and your tongue is like the rudder of a ship: it steers you in the direction of your words. By seeing this “instant karma” in action, this will encourage you to have good thoughts, good words, and to do good deeds, one person at a time. You may well be a light in someone’s moment of darkness. 
The way out of this time of chaos, despair and seemingly international indifference to the plight of the various races and religions is to follow the simple teachings of the Christ Consciousness. Be compassionate and be loving in mind, as well as in life. In life, you will face times of conflict. You might remember this saying when trying to decide what to do: “Stand up to the strong, when they are in the wrong, but make concessions for the weak.” 
As much as you can, go quietly along your path in life. Be aware and prepared, for the extremes (fortuitous or challenging) that are here and will continue to come until this renovation, teaching, or testing time comes to a close. These times and our actions will determine what future the Universe holds for us next.  
Simply, to be a spiritual person is to be kind in all the things you do. Let your character be strong. Let your faith guide you. Be a light unto the world. Be an example of a good person. Remember there are three things that can never be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
(this article was first published in Open Road magazine)

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  • Be an example of Love brought to life and all will be well as your path will be straight.

    Brian Sanchez

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