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Like your five physical senses, the intuition is a part of the way you perceive information about the universe around (and within) you. Your intuitive abilities can provide invaluable information to assist you in making better choices, and live a richer and more fulfilled life. The average person ignores the quiet promptings of his or her intuition, attributing it to luck or coincidence or imagination. But as we evolve, we learn that we cannot ignore these messages any longer, for they may provide guidance to living a better life and being of greater service to others. When you have more information about a circumstance or event, you may make a more informed decision, your stress level reduces, and often your choice manifests in a better outcome. You live without fear, without feeling helpless, and without feeling like a victim of circumstance. Those of us who have goodness in our hearts and minds, like Douglas, use our intuition to help the greatest number of people to improve their quality of life—physically, mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually.

In a world that is increasingly chaotic, unpredictable and just a little bit dangerous, the need is greater than ever for caring individuals who wish to devote their lives to helping humankind. Douglas’s Institute of Quantum Meditation™ is a facility for teaching qualified students the skills they need to enter the Quantum Meditation™ state. From this state, the High Mind or Akashic Records may be approached, and information may be gathered on virtually any topic or concern. It begins with a determination to develop the ability, combined with a humble desire to help, and a serious commitment to continue to practice.

During this program, Douglas gives students the tools they need to enter the Quantum Meditation™ state. In this deep state of meditation, seekers may approach the Akashic Records to gather information from beyond the limits of physical perception. Douglas will give you real subjects to "read" or "remotely view" and provide you evidence that what you are perceiving is real and helpful. With this reinforcement, your confidence will grow and your abilities will blossom. It can help you to let go of those thoughts that you are inventing or imagining the information. In the beginning, students are plagued with questions of whether they are making it up, or whether they are seeing something they want or expect. Douglas calls this the chattering mind. The course teaches techniques to distract the rational mind with conscious breathing, and to quiet the chattering mind so that the message of the intuitive mind can be perceived with as little colouring as possible.

"Can you be a Ross Peterson, an Edgar Cayce, or a Douglas Cottrell? I tell my students that only I can be me, and only you can be you. But if you feel the urge to develop your intuition and the many abilities associated with it - from clairvoyance and clairsentience to spiritual healing, prediction, or prophecy—I encourage you to do so, to the best that you possibly can. Take your steps. Find a mentor who can guide you. Small successes along the way will inspire you to keep going. Learn to relax and temper the rational mind that likes to think it is in control. Your intuition can put you in touch with knowledge beyond your conscious understanding…but not by thinking!" (Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D.)

NEXT COURSE DATE: July 23-28, 2017, London, Canada